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Hero Kids Crafty Hour: Spinning Toys

Apr 07, 2020 Ilina Crouse

How about some more Hero Kids Crafty Hour inspiration? The adults can't have ALL the fun! Join Ilina as she shares how to make spinning toys with a few basic supplies.

Hi everyone! Ilina here, and today I am sharing a different kind of project. In these unprecedented and uncertain times when we are working remotely and kids have online learning instead of going to office/school I always try to find fun activities for my kids to do every day.

On this particular day we made spinning toys using some skewers, the Circle Infinity Dies and the Curious Cat stamp set. For each kid I die cut two circles. On one side I stamped the fish bowl, on other one I stamped the fish. 

Once you have your circles ready, let the kids color them.

While they are coloring prepare the skewers by trimming off the pointy part. Once done, adhere one of the skewers on the back of the fish bowl circle using tape. 

Add foam tape or foam squares on the back (depending on the thickness of the skewer and the thickness of your foam tape you may need multiple layers). Adhere the circle with the fish, making sure both fish and fish bowl are lined up and facing the correct direction or you may have a fish bowl hanging upside down, or fish floating upside down. ;) 

Let your child spin it and see the magic happen; the faster you spin the better the results. It creates an optical illusion that the fish is in the fish bowl. It's hard to catch on photo but see the photo at the beginning of this post of my daughter spinning it. You can see both the fish bowl and the fish. 


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April 08, 2020

That‘s a brilliant idea!! My kids love to do some crafting along with me and it‘s always great to have new ideas! Maybe it works with flowers and pots, too?

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