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Introducing Hero Kids Crafty Hour!

Mar 24, 2020 Hero Arts

Hello and welcome to our brand new Hero Kids Crafty Hour series! Two afternoons a week, we will be popping in to share crafty ideas for the young people in your life. With school out and more families spending time at home, we want to help provide you with creative craft-at-home ideas and boredom busters. In these uncertain times, we hope crafting with your young makers will add joy to your days.

Grace from the Hero Arts team is here, along with her 4-year-old daughter, to share our first Crafty Hour project. Take it away, Grace...

For those of you doing daily (sometimes more) walks to keep those kiddos moving, here is a fun idea for all the things they accumulate while out and about.

1) Have them pick their favorite pine cones, leaves, twigs, or other small items and have them use in the project. They are already going to try and bring the whole world home with them, this gives them a task to do so!

2) Set up a large piece of paper with boxes for each item, paints, and said selected natural items. For this set of field notes two pine cones, a fern, and a hellebore leaf were the winners.

3) Paint in boxes using the items as the paint brush (added bonus, you almost have to use your hands). We use kid friendly acrylic paint, but any paints you like would do, as long as you can dip the items into them.

4) Label each of your specimen paintings with alphabet stamps. We prefer scented and/or purple inks in our house, any inks you have are perfect. Depending on your child's reading level you can select the letters for them, or make it into a fun searching game by mixing them up and having them poke around until they find them. Hellebore seemed overly ambitious for us, so we chose leaf, but you can get as scientific with your labeling as you want.

This project is quick, easy, and only mildly messy. One warning though; it does lead to increased collecting when you are on your next walk. Happy adventuring, and happy crafting!

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Karthikha Uday

Karthikha Uday

March 25, 2020

Wonderful idea to spend time with kids :) I’ve started engaging my daughter in cardmaking along with me :)

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