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Hero Kids Crafty Hour: Glimmer Rock Painting

May 21, 2020 Janette Kausen

It's time to take the crafting with kids outside! Janette is here to share another Hero Kids Crafty Hour idea.

From the time they could hold a brush all of my girls have loved to paint, anything, anywhere. Today, we are headed outside for a little fresh air, vitamin D and creative play!

Prep day, was a splashy adventure in the bathroom sink with a scrub brush and their smooth river rocks. This could have easily been done outdoors, but a rare windy and rainy day here in central California kept the giggles inside. After clearing away any dirt particles the rocks were left to dry overnight.

And because one day of painting didn't fulfill the artist hearts of these littles, this was a second day of painting, detail day! We set up on the edge of the lawn with a beach towel and plastic garbage bag to protect our walkway. A few paper plates for paint and plastic water cups make cleanup a breeze, but can be used several times before needing to be tossed or recycled.

The landscape rock was first painted with basic acrylic paints.The details were added with Glimmer Metallic Inks in Blue and White. The rainbow was base painted in white and then acrylics were mixed with Glimmers for a modern and shiny color palette. The burger was painted in acrylics for a matte finish. Then the mustard and ketchup were given a layer of Red and Gold Glimmer Metallic Inks for a juicy accent.

The galaxy rock was first painted in black acrylic paint. After it dried overnight, the Milky Way was added with Blue & Purple Glimmer Metallics. White acrylic and White Glimmer Metallic Ink were blended together with a few drops of water and then splattered over the surface for stars.

Ladybug was given just an ever so slight shimmer with a mix of red acrylic paint and Red Glimmer Metallic Ink. Each were signed with the artist's initials and year of creation on the bottom.

After allowing each art piece to dry overnight, we sprayed them with a UV protectant and waterproof sealant. Several will live in our garden and planters, and many more will be headed to their school to fill a flower bed at the entrance of the office. Our distance learning art sessions are covered for a good while. They never seem to tire of painting and they, and their classmates, have a large flower bed to fill!


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Priscilla Bade

Priscilla Bade

May 22, 2020

Looks like a lot of fun! I will have to see if I can get such beautiful results. I have been wishing for some garden ornaments.

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