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Color Week: Colorful Organization

Jun 22, 2022 Seeka SkyPaperScissors

Hello and welcome back to Color Week! Seeka here and today I'm sharing how I'm using the new Core Ink Pad Index Labels to label my ink pads, inkers, and cardstock sleeves. I find labelling and organizing to be meditative and I love being surrounded by color, so I'm always excited when matching labels are available!

The first things I labeled were my Core Ink Pads. To help make centering the label on each pad easier, I used Reverse Grip Tweezers to pick each label off the backer sheet, grabbing the label at its center, and applying it to the side of the ink pad. I like to store my ink pads on their sides in trays to save space, so I label both sides of my ink pads (each set of labels comes with two sheets, how convenient!) This way, it doesn't matter which end I slide in first when I'm replacing the ink pads. I've never had a problem storing Core and Reactive ink pads on their sides, but I would not recommend it for ombre ink pads or squishy firm foam ink pads.

Next, I labeled my cardstock sleeves. I keep my Hero Arts Premium Cardstock in plastic sleeves that are open at one short and one long side. This makes it really easy to slide sheets and scraps out, and also makes it easy to see the true color of the cardstock when I store the sleeves in magazine holders.

Lastly, I labeled my new Core Inkers. (Did you know Hero Arts just released Inkers for every Core Ink color?) These little bottles have black and white labels, so adding colorful labels really pays off and help me easily find the color I'm looking for!

Thank you so much for visiting and joining me on a colorful organization journey!

Before I go, I want to remind you about the great "Color Me Organzied" promotion Hero Arts has going on now through Sunday, June 26. Click here for more details on how you can get a FREE set of Core Ink Pad Index Labels!

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