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Hero Kids Crafty Hour: Teacher Appreciation Window Hangers

May 28, 2020 Hero Arts

If you haven't used your dies for felt crafting, now is the time! Felt is durable and lends itself perfectly to those intricate small dies we all know and love.

For this project we wanted to make something to show our appreciation for our preschool teachers who we are missing so much these days. First we selected an assortment of colors of felt (read; all the colors we have) then we went through all the die sets and picked out about a dozen small shapes, and a large ornament die as our base. We used a lot of Infinity Dies for this project, because they come in little sizes, you could also use Confetti Dies if you wanted really small die cuts. It is most important to use what you love.

Cranking the die cutter is a great way to get the kiddos involved, and my daughter loves making the "sandwiches" of dies, plates, and felt, which is an added bonus. Die cutting is basically magic, and the joy of undoing the "sandwich" and seeing all the little die cut shapes is pretty much endless entertainment.

After all the tiny shapes had been sorted, she placed items on the larger base and I did the hot gluing. If you have a kiddo who is older, this is basically a set up and let them go scenario, but we have not reached the "you can hot glue by yourself" level of kid crafting yet. Any fabric adhesive you like would do, we just happen to have a glue gun on hand, and other than those pesky strings, it works well for felt. Of course we can't do a project without sequins, so we added a generous sprinkling of our favorites: Champagne Sequin Mix.

These window or door hangers hopefully will bring a smile to our teachers, and remind them that we are so thankful for them, even when we only get to see them through Zoom. We had so much fun making these, my daughter wants to make them again and send them to all her school friends. Sending crafty hugs to all!

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