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Pineapple Palooza

Jun 16, 2016 Hero Arts Info

Welcome to Pineapple Palooza! Our Creative Team has been having tons of fun with the new [hero_product_link sku="CL976" text="Color Layering Pineapple"] stamp set and we can't wait to share what they've come up with. This set is available [hero_product_link sku="CL976" text="by itself"] or as part of [hero_product_link sku="SB100" text="a bundle"]. The bundle includes stamps, coordinating dies and a 4-pack of [hero_product_link sku="AF363" text="ink cubes"] in traditional pineapple colors.


Check out how the traditional colors included in the bundle look when stamped. Golden, juicy pineapple perfection!


But sometimes you want to shake things up. Throw out the rules. Play with color. That's exactly where we're headed during Pineapple Palooza!

First up is Tami with an ombré twist. Tami says: "I wanted to give this row of pineapples a bright, sun-drenched look  almost like an overexposed photograph. To do this, I stamped the solid base layer of the fruit with [hero_product_link sku="AF328" text="Ombré Neon Yellow to Orange"], the middle layer with [hero_product_link sku="AF224" text="Orange Soda"], and the top layer with [hero_product_link sku="AF249" text="Unicorn White Pigment Ink"]. In a similar way, the stems were stamped in green and then overstamped with Unicorn White. The white top layer gives a completely different look and keeps the design light and bright."

Sunny Smiles by Tami Hartley for Hero Arts

How about a pink pineapple? Amy says: "Pink pineapple = Fun! I knew that I wanted to design a card using pinks and greens. I came up with a pink trio for my Sunny Smiles card of: [hero_product_link sku="AF168" text="Soft Pink"], [hero_product_link sku="AF208" text="Bubble Gum"], [hero_product_link sku="AF334" text="Strawberry"]. The greens that I layered are [hero_product_link sku="AF262" text="Lime Green"], [hero_product_link sku="AF209" text="Green Hills"], [hero_product_link sku="AF343" text="Moss"]. A simple design that makes the pineapple the star of the show!"

Sunny Smiles by Amy Tsuruta for Hero Arts

Sally shares the inspiration behind her multi-color stamped background: "I was inspired by a piece of fabric that I saw with colorful pineapples. I stamped a few out but too much white paper was showing. So I took the flower and randomly stamped it in my ink colors all over. Voila!"


Mariana reached for her own [hero_product_link sku="AF351" text="ink cube pack"] to create a blue pineapple. She says: "Stamping can be so much fun especially when you change the colors of the images. A purple orange, a green sky, or why not a blue pineapple! Yes! Everything is possible with the magic of stamps, ink and your imagination. I loved trying out my [hero_product_link sku="AF351" text="Cornflower"] ink color combo on this fabulous Color Layering Pineapple set. It is like adding a bit of spice to your creativity! I hope you feel inspired today to create and try different colors on your next projects."

Many Thanks by Mariana Grigsby for Hero Arts

Join us for even more pineapple goodness tomorrow!



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