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Hero Kids Crafty Hour: Glitter Explosion Hearts

Apr 21, 2020 Hero Arts

Grace is here today with a glitter-iffic Hero Kids Crafty Hour project!

Who doesn't need a little extra glitter in their lives right now?!? The first thing my four year asks when it is craft time is "but mom, where is the glitter?" so today we went all out.

As the base for our glitter (because really, that is what all projects are for her) we decided to test out some basic paper weaving, using our favorite set of Nesting Hearts Infinity Dies.

We cut out hearts using pink and purple cardstock, and then drew some basic lines for cutting the paper weaving strips. You can do as few or as many strips as you would like, the fewer the better for tiny hands, but you could get super ambitious and cut 1/4 inch strips instead of 3/4 inch like we did, the woven effect would be lovely. We then glued down the ends of the strips so they wouldn't un-weave and ta-da, you have a lovely base for your glitter!

Next we did some finger painting with glitter glue onto the hearts. Making different patterns with the glue is half the fun of these, and since more glue equals more glitter, this step was a particular favorite.

Parental note: I like to set up glitter the same way I set up ink pads. One piece of large newsprint taped to the table using painters tape for each color, that way there isn't any mixing of glitters, and you can pull up the newsprint to funnel the glitter back in the jar. This also helps to contain (not eliminate) the glitter cloud that is sure to follow.

Once the glue dries pick up and tap off the excess glitter. We then glued smaller hearts to the back of the glitter explosion for our messages to friends and family we wish we could hug in person.

Today the mail from our house will be glitter explosions, ready to bring some joy and a little sparkle to their destinations.

From our house to yours we wish you health, wellness, and a bit of glitter.

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1 Responses

Maureen Morton

Maureen Morton

April 21, 2020

You are a very brave soul, mixing kids and glitter. I won’t even let my adult seasoned carmakers use the stuff. Thanks for the joy!

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