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Hero Kids Crafty Hour: Fancy Stamps Worksheets

Apr 28, 2020 Hero Arts

Educational crafting - the best of both worlds! Grace is back with us today to share another Hero Kids Crafty Hour idea.

One of my daughter's favorite activities is a "worksheet". The good news is that practically anything can be considered a "worksheet" if it is on a large piece of paper. Her other new obsession is with my clear stamps or "fancy stamps" as she calls them, I think because you have to use a clear block to stamp with them, and that seems a bit magical to her.

This activity combines both her love of worksheets and fancy stamps, which is a total win win!

First she got to select any stamp sets in my collection to work with, which was fun for both of us to go through them all (because how can you select if you don't go through them all?!?). She went with a classic; an artichoke from 1995, a snowflake background that reminded her of Frozen (obviously), two of my all time favorite MMH sets, and the fox family, a perfect selection. You could focus on one genre if you wanted, like tropical, holidays, celestial, or sea life, use what you have, maybe what hasn't seen any ink in a while.

We stamped her favorites in black ink down the left side of our worksheet. As she was coloring in the images I asked her to identify everything she saw in the stamped image, and wrote the items down next to the image. We talked about each item for a bit (the artichoke and birthday cake were especially fun for her, as we are a very food oriented family).

Next she selected the word to focus on and either traced, or stamped the word right next to my writing. This took some time, which was great, since she really got to dive into the words and their components.

This is her new favorite worksheet, and already has plans for more. In fact, this one isn't done, so I can't show you a completed one because she keeps finding new things to color, and asking for more words to be added.

If you are homeschooling a student, or know someone who is, big hugs and lots of craftiness from our home to yours.

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