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Frequently Asked Questions REWARDS

How do I sign-up for your rewards program?

Quickly and easily. The Hero Arts Rewards pop-up on the side of every page on our site allows you to start earning points and getting rewards right away!  If you are new to our site, click sign-up.  If you already have a Hero Arts account click log in.

How do I earn reward points?

That is the easy part!  Once signed up, every dollar you spend on heroarts.com automatically earns you a reward point (excluding taxes and shipping).  $1 spent earns you 1 reward point.  Plus, there are more ways too!  You get 200 bonus points on your birthday and 50 free points on us to start.  Look for even more ways to earn soon!

How do I spend the points I earn?

The Hero Arts Rewards pop-up on the bottom of every page offers ways to turn your points into discounts, starting with 150 points = $5 off.  You can also spend your points on exclusive products for as little as 100 points, and the product points store will be updated regularly with frequent new ways to spend your points.

How do I redeem a discount with points?

For every 150 points you have, you can redeem them for $5 off your order.  If you have 600 points, for example, that is $20!  From the rewards pop-up, under "Ways To Redeem," you can choose how many points you want to use for a discount.  Move the bar to the right amount and click "Redeem."  When you check out, your discount will show in your Cart.  You can also save the code for later if you prefer.  It will still be in your rewards pop-up until you use it, and the code will be emailed to you, so you don't forget it.  Here is an example email we will send when you (that you can redeem by cutting the code into the Cart Discount line at check-out).

How do I get the birthday points bonus?

In the rewards pop-up, under "Ways To Earn," you will see a mention of a birthday gift of 200 points. Right next to it, there is an "Edit My Birthday" button where you can enter the month and day of your birthday. Click "Save." You are set!  You will not see these points displayed immediately; they will appear when it's time to celebrate your birthday.

How do I know how many points I have?

The rewards pop-up on every page on our site tells you exactly how many points you have.  Just click it, and it will show it.  You can also click the "Rewards" button from your Account Page, accessible by clicking the little person icon in the top row.  If it doesn't, try logging in again; otherwise, let us know, and we can help at info@heroarts.com.

Where is the wish list heart where Hero Rewards is now located?

This has changed! You can now access your wish list in your My Account Dashboard by clicking on the person icon on all Hero Arts website pages at the top navigation.  There you can find information on past orders, rewards, access your wish list, and more!

Do my points expire?

You get a full year from the date you receive points to spend them.  Don't worry, we will remind you when it gets close, and you can always see your points in the pop-up in the lower right of any page on the Hero Arts website.

Can I use multiple rewards or discounts on one order?

Only one reward or discount code can be used per order.

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