Join The Village - Collaborator

Are you interested in working together with other stamps vendors, bloggers, and teachers to show the true kindness and community of what we do as an industry? Are you excited to revive and enliven Creativation, the centerpiece show of our industry, which needs more excitement, life, and attendees?  
Join us and be apart of The Stamping Village 2020 at Creativation. Tested at the show in 2019, this "Community" based concept is built on cooperation, sharing and partnership. If you join as a Collaborating member, you will be apart of a large group companies like you committed to growing our beloved industry.

What is involved in being apart of the Stamp Village as a Collaborator?  
  • In addition to your regular booth fees organized through AFCI, there is a "shared space" for shared education, including make-takes, activities, events and marketing, estimated for 2020 at $1,000 (this could change based on what events you choose) .
  • A commitment to help build our Village by joining the at least on planning committee, that includes Branding, Events, Shared Space and/or Finance, with an estimate of 20 person hours of work ahead of the show.
  • A commitment to work together at the show as an Ambassador of The Stamp Village concept, as well as up to 2 person hours of set-up and take down at the show.
  • An agreement to be a responsible member of the Stamping Village, that includes signing our "Statement of Value."
We look forward to potentially working together on this inspiring idea. I'd love to hear your thoughts and I'm happy to chat by phone or further by email.

Join The Village - SPONSOR

Be apart of The Stamping VIllage 2020 events, marketing and activities! You can join in many different ways to support stamping in our industry and at the 2020 Creativation event.  

Here are a few ways how (details subject to change):

1. Activities at Creativation 2020:
  • At the show, work with vendors to sponsor a Make-Take in the 2020 Creativation shared space! These events were the hit of the show at 2019, and you can sponsor and co-market the event!
  • At Creativation 2020, we will offer a Stampenger Hunt around the show. You can be a sponsor and even a stop on the journey for customers.
  • Sponsor our Photo Booth at Creativation! Have your logo hang over the top and in the background of all photos.

2. Marketing Around Creativation:
  • Sponsor a newsletter that will be used to drive excitement building up to the show, and after with updates into next year. This includes being featured on
  • Sponsor a postcard that will highlight events, offer special passes, and invite customers to come and visit Creativation 2020 and The Stamping Village.
  • Sponsor the Brochure at the 2020 Creativation show and get your name in the bags of all participants!

Here are the anticipated costs (subject to change):
  • 5 different choices, $400 each
  • If you pick 2 get 5% discount ($760 with discount), 3 10% discount ($1,080), 4 15% discount ($1,360), 5 20% discount ($1,600).
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