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Spring Cleaning Tips for Stampers

Apr 14, 2017 Aaron Leventhal

Spring has sprung! Are you feeling inspired? Perhaps a bit of Spring cleaning is in order to help breathe some new life into your crafting space — whether that’s a room, a table, or even a desk drawer. Today our Creative Team members are sharing two simple tips to help you clean and organize!

1. If you’re looking for a way to store your stash of embellishments, Jess has you covered with this great system.

Jess: I store my embellishments in rainbow order in a Fridge Binz container.

Spring Cleaning Tips
I use colored cardstock to divide the embellishments and store them in 5×5″ storage pockets with cheap white cardstock inserts so I can clearly see the color of the embellishment against a white background.

2. Are your acrylic blocks looking not-so-clear anymore? Clare has an easy solution. Read on!

Clare: I haven’t found a stamp cleaner that works better than the Hero Arts Ultra Clean! However, it works just as well when removing extra ink from my clear blocks!

As with stamps, the longer the ink remains on the block, the more permanent the stain will become. It also depends on your ink – for my teal stained block, I had used Deep Ocean (a dye ink) to watercolor, and after an hour of dry time, I was able to clean it with no residue!

For the blue block, I used Indigo (a hybrid dye/pigment ink) to watercolor, but I had accidentally let some ink sit for over a month. The cleaner wasn’t able to remove all the stains (just like with a really stained clear stamp), but it did actually clean the block, so I won’t have to worry about any of the blue ink transferring on to the back of a clear stamp later on.

Finally, the largest block was stained with the Hero Arts Black dye ink – I’m not even sure how old this stain was! The cleaner had no problem removing it though, so I lucked out there. ;)

Thanks to Jess and Clare for these awesome tips. Spring cleaning has never been more fun!

Happy weekend, happy stamping, and happy SPRING!

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