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Exciting News: We're Teaming up with Ralph Tyndall!

Nov 10, 2023 Hero Arts

Happy Friday, friends! We've been sitting on some big news that we're thrilled to finally be able to share with you today. Hero Arts is joining forces with influential creator Ralph Tyndall to design a co-branded product line for cardmaking and mixed media that will be released early next year!

Ralph is a talented cardmaking and mixed media personality recognized for his fresh, playful, and witty designs — along with his approachable style to crafting. He’s known for sharing captivating ASMR videos of his cardmaking process on social media where his creations have been viewed over 300 million times. Ralph’s unique voice, along with Hero Arts' rich legacy and expert craftsmanship, make this a collection that generations of crafters will enjoy. Look for the new Ralph Tyndall collection in February when our 2024 Spring Catalog is released!

Now's let's get to know Ralph with a little Q & A session...

Q: How long have you been making cards and how did you first get into cardmaking?

A: Not long! I've been making cards for just under 18 months, although I've always had an interest in creative hobbies. Growing up I played guitar, piano, and trombone. I was a bit of a band nerd and was both the President and Drum Major of my high school's marching band - ha! I've also had a longtime passion for photography and even had a (very) small photography business on the side throughout high school and college.

My foray into cardmaking was quite spontaneous. I spotted a college friend using a heat embossing gun on their Instagram story and became intrigued. My partner noticed my interest and a couple weeks later surprised me with the gift of a heat embossing gun and a few wood-block stamps. At the time, I was working full-time from home as a Product Manager for a tech company. Better said, I was staring at computer screens all day building software! I was craving a hobby that allowed me to be creative again and allowed me to build something with my hands.

Upon receiving this gift, I hopped onto YouTube to figure out how to use my new heat embossing gun and quickly discovered the whole world of cardmaking. I binged a ton of Cathy Zielske videos and it was all just a slippery slope from there!

Q: How long after that did you begin making videos?

A: Funny enough I actually started making videos pretty much immediately! I only made maybe 3 cards prior to filming and posting my first video. I often joke that in the early days I felt like the blind leading the blind, but I think that's one reason people were drawn to my content at first. It wasn't perfect and I was learning along with the viewers.

Q: What inspires you? What are your go-to sources for creative inspiration?

A: Music! My biggest inspiration has always been music. When I'm in my craft room I always have music playing (which is funny now that I think of it because most of my videos have zero music) that fits the mood that I'm feeling or want to portray in my card.

I'm also inspired by everyday life and especially urban life. When I'm driving or walking about town I'll often see a particular sky, building, or scene that I'll take a mental note to try and replicate in a future card.

Q: What's your favorite type of card to create (birthday, thank you, specific holidays, etc.)?

A: If I had to pick one of the core themes/holidays it would definitely be Halloween. Christmas is right up there too though. However, my absolute favorite type of cards to make are ones inspired by pop culture. I love to dig through my stash of stamps and dies to see what I can smash together to make a unique and timely card. For instance, I've made cards inspired by pop artists, internet memes, hate comments, and TV shows.

Q: If you could have any crafting superpower, what would it be?

A: To clean my craft room with the snap of a finger! Alternatively, I'd love to be a pro with alcohol markers. I still have a lot to learn there.

Q: We know it's impossible to choose favorites, but can you describe one of your favorite cardmaking projects or videos?

A: Oh gee I have several. I'll pick two! One of my all time favorite cards is actually the first card I ever guest designed with Hero Arts. It's a field of sheep at night time and there is a UFO in the sky abducting one of the sheep. The sentiment says 'Missing You' and I never wished so badly that the stamp said 'Missing Ewe' instead.

Another more recent favorite of mine is a card that I made inspired by the Pixar movie UP. I used a haunted house die, trimmed it down to look less spooky, and colored it like the house from the movie. I then attached it to a huge bouquet of balloons so that when you pulled up on the balloons the house rose with it revealing the sentiment 'What's UP?'.

Q: How do you balance crafting with other aspects of your life? Any other hobbies or favorite ways to unwind?

A: These days are pretty much all crafting all the time! I recently left my corporate job to pursue cardmaking, content creation, and product design full-time. There have been tons of plates to keep spinning during this crazy transition!

When I do get some free time, I like to spend it with my partner Adam, our 3 year old goldendoodle Hudson, and friends. I'm a huge coffee and sweets lover so I am always hopping about town trying out new cafes and bakeries. I also love to bake myself! When I have the time I love to whip up a fancy dessert to share with friends. My speciality is a black forest cheesecake.

I also have a shameless love for reality TV -- especially the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.

In my more active seasons I also do enjoy working out by walking the trails around austin, swimming, weightlifting and indoor cycling -- though this part of my life has been pretty neglected lately ha!

Q: Do you have any hidden talents that not many people know about?

A: Normally I say baking but I already told you about that!

I'm not sure you'd consider it a talent, but my formal career background is in product management. Meaning I've spent a lot of time working with design and engineering teams to build software products and features for end users. Most recently I worked at DocuSign building their Remote Online Notary product. I've always loved "building" things and am so excited to bring new crafty products to market though our collaboration!

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes! I have a 3 year old goldendoodle named Hudson. He's named after the Hudson river because both my partner and I love NYC and try to visit as often as we can.

Q: Morning person or night owl?

A: I'm a total morning person but I do my best crafting late at night. I like to think I'm most productive in the mornings and most creative at night.

Q: Beach vacation or mountain retreat?

A: Mountain retreat 100%. Living in Texas I want to escape the heat when I'm going on vacation. There's a time and a place for a beach vacay though!

Q: When it comes to snacks - sweet or salty?

A: I'm a believer in balance, so both.

Q: Top 3 Netflix Shows?

A: Scandal, Love is Blind, and The Haunting of Hill House

Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to the Ralph Tyndall x Hero Arts partnership?

A: I'm ecstatic to work with all the fabulous people at Hero Arts! I've been a fan of Hero Arts from day one (since I got that first set of wood block stamps!) and Hero Arts was one of my very first supporters when I began posting online. The people at Hero Arts and the quality of products they offer are unparalleled!

I'm excited to bring some new exciting designs/products to market and am hopeful we can bring a new generation into the art of cardmaking.

We also asked Ralph about his current favorite Hero Arts products and he kindly shared a list that you can find in our shop! Look for the "Ralph's Favoritescategory to see some of what you might find on Ralph's desk if you were to drop by for a visit. (A few are shown below and many more here.) 

Connect with Ralph and check out his terrific cards and videos here:


We look forward to this partnership and all of the creativity it will bring. Here's to new adventures!

7 Responses



November 11, 2023

Yay! I’ve been following Ralph since his first card! So happy to see him joining Hero Arts; he’ll do great things with the great products!

Shawn C Harcrow

Shawn C Harcrow

November 10, 2023

Looking forward to seeing what Ralph & Hero Arts come up with. My goal in 2024 will be to meet Ralph since we both live in Central Texas.

Janet Schlafer

Janet Schlafer

November 10, 2023

Fun to learn more about Ralph T. and looking forward to seeing what your collaboration will bring!
I think you need to trademark his balloon card idea!



November 10, 2023

It’s nice to “meet” Ralph! Looking forward to your collab!

Joanne Travis

Joanne Travis

November 10, 2023

Welcome, Ralph! Your work is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing much more of it at Hero Arts.

Chantal Charbonnier (Chantal Québec)

Chantal Charbonnier (Chantal Québec)

November 10, 2023

So happy that Ralph is joining you! As I am a follower of him, I’m pretty excited to see his beautiful cards on your site!



November 10, 2023

I can’t wait to see what Ralph has created for Hero Arts! And I agree with his Favorites List, especially the Handy Tool Holder!

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