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New Clearly Kelly Ink Color Swatches

Oct 14, 2016 Hero Arts Info

A few days ago these lovelies showed up at my house.

Clearly Kelly Inks Packs

*happy sigh*

It took all of 30 seconds before I was breaking into them. Do you do this when you get new inks? Immediately swipe them on the nearest surface? I just can’t wait to see what they look like, so I do messy tests at first and then later, make swatches to keep for reference. Today I’m going to share those swatches, so that you can see exactly how the new Clearly Kelly inks look when stamped and decide which colors you might like to add to your own collection!

Clearly Kelly Ink Swatches

Kelly Purkey put together four new coordinating ink packs that we’ve included in our 2016 Planner Catalog. Each of her chosen collections capture the feel of a favorite destination through color. Fun, right? The inks are a hybrid formula, offering the solid coverage of a pigment ink while delivering a faster drying time and crisp lines of a dye ink.

Ready to go on a colorful journey and check out those swatches? First stop, Miami!

Kelly's Miami Inks

And onto beautiful Charleston


Destination Palm Springs


And who could resist a trip to Paris

Kelly's Paris Inks

Here are all four of the collections together in one shot so that you can see how the colors compare to one another. All are linked in the supplies below this post, as well as our Tag Infinity Dies and Kelly’s Tape Stamp & Cut, which I used to create the swatches. If you do this for all of your inks, you can keep them together on a binder clip.

Clearly Kelly Inks

I hope this is helpful! Is ink swatching something you would like to see more of? Please let me know. I’d also love to hear which of Kelly’s new palettes is your favorite!

Have a happy and colorful weekend,


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RaeAnn Tolley

RaeAnn Tolley

May 24, 2020

Why can I not find your inks! So frustrating

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