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Aug 19, 2021 Lydia Fiedler

Hi friends! I'm back today with a liquid watercolor tip for creating an underpainting with the new Skin Tone Liquid Watercolor Set. This is a stunning trio, and has a million possibilities in addition to beautiful skin tone ranges. 

I think that it can be intimidating to fill up white space anywhere - on your card, in an art journal, whatever. That blank page is brutal if you have even a slight creative block. So here's a tip when working with watercolor.

First, take a piece of cold press watercolor and stamp the Better Together image on it.

When the ink is dry, spray the watercolor paper - front and back. Drop Cocoa, Coffee and Terracotta watercolors randomly on the wet paper. Tilt the paper, spraying it if needed to help the color move, until you have color all over the page. Set this aside to dry. Remember - it will dry significantly lighter so don't worry about the color being too intense unless you can't see the image at all.

When dry, paint the image using these same three colors. Since those are the colors making up your background wash, the resulting image will be SO harmonious with the background, and it won't even be obvious why that is to the viewer, because the mix in the background won't look like the purer color in your focal image. 

After I was done painting this and thinking about what happens when women stand beside other women through thick and thin, and how grateful I am for my friends, I had the song we used to sing in Girl Scouts in my head, so I grabbed my Gold Glimmer Metallic Ink and splattered the whole matted panel. 

I mounted that on a piece of a page from a dictionary - the page that had the word color on it - and mounted that onto a mini slimline card.

We are invincible when we have each other's backs, and that's what this image says to me.

I hope you've enjoyed this today - thanks for stopping by!

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3 Responses

Henriëtte Mulder

Henriëtte Mulder

August 21, 2021

Fabulous card Lydia, love how you made this.
Great idea the page behind the panel.
Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Christi Conley

Christi Conley

August 20, 2021

Absolutely AMAZING!!! What a great technique to banish the blank page boogie man!! And of course, this is gorgeous anyway :)

Barbara-Jean Kubik

Barbara-Jean Kubik

August 19, 2021

Your card is magnificent!

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