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DIY With Debi: Embroidering With Stamps

Apr 23, 2020 Debi Adams

Happy Thursday friends! Welcome to DIY with Debi. Today I will be making some simple embroidery projects using Hero Arts stamps. With many of my daughter’s friends having babies in the next few months, I thought it might be fun to embroider something on clothing and/or fabric using stamps. Obviously, simple images are the easiest way to get started, so I chose the Flower Bouquet Pieces set. There are lots of little images that can be stamped and stitched easily and quickly.

Because I know it is hard to shop right now, I decided to work with what I already had at home so I made covered button hair ties, a hair bow and a baby onesie. Please note, that any of these projects would look awesome in an embroidery hoop for a wall decor piece based on how the images are stamped, so let your imagination run wild. So many possibilities. Think tote bags, bibs, jean jackets, etc. If you don’t have covered button blanks, the hoop is a good option or maybe embroider on actual ribbon for a hair bow.

To get started you will need the following Hero Arts items, which are also linked below the post:
• CM432 Flower Bouquet Pieces
• CL073 Acrylic Block
• AF345 Intense Black Ink (Somewhat dried out, if possible)
• CM430 Loving Messages (Optional, I only used one flower in this set)

• Embroidery needles
• Embroidery floss of your choice
• Cotton fabric
• Small embroidery hoop
• Button cover blanks with applicator tool
• Skinny pony tail ties
• Pre-made bow (or you can make your own)
• Scissors
• Onesie
• Optional: Water-soluble marker

So let’s get start with the covered buttons. You can purchase the covered button blanks at fabric and hobby stores. They come in various sizes. Make sure to pick one large enough to support your image. Begin by cutting a piece of white cotton fabric large enough to fit around a small embroidery hoop. (Make it at least an inch larger than the hoop so that it is easy to place onto the hoop.) Stamp the image onto the center of the fabric using a well used Intense Black ink pad OR stamp a dark image off on a piece of paper before stamping onto fabric. The image should be light enough to see where to stitch but not dark enough that it will show through the stitches.

Now place the fabric onto the hoop, centering the image, making it snug, and adjusting the screw on the hoop if necessary. Use two or three strands of embroidery threads and create a loop stitch for each petal. (If you have never embroidered there are many sites that give free instructions. We are making "loop" and "knot" stitches here. I also have an example of one with a satin stitch.) Make knots for the center of the flowers. Secure all threads on the back side with a knot and trim thread close to knot.

Once you have completed your bouquet, you will need to put it onto the covered button. There are instructions on the covered button packaging but I will give you some easy visuals here.

Use a pencil to lightly mark 1/2” out from around the silver button that is covering the embroidered image.

Cut on that pencil mark line.

Place the stitched image on the rounded side of the button, centering as needed. (If you worry it will move, put a tiny bit of clear adhesive in the center and attach embroidered fabric.) Insert image on button upside down into the appropriate plastic button holder as seen below. Excess edges of fabric will show. Fold edges into center. If edges over lap other edges, trim slightly to remove extra bulk.

Place button backing on top with metal loop facing towards you.

Place lid-type tool (called a "pusher") on top of button backing and push down firmly until button backing snaps in place. You can hear this. If fabric is thick or embroidery is close to edge, extra pressure may be needed. Occasionally I will place button holder on the floor and gently use my foot to pressure it into place. Careful to not over apply your foot as it will dent the button front.

Once button backing is completely secure, remove covered button from plastic button holder. You should now have a button! I bet you won’t stop at one! These are so addicting and pretty inexpensive to create. LOTS of things to create with them.

To attach a skinny pony tail holder to button, insert folded pony tail elastic through hoop. You may need a toothpick or skinny knitting needle to push it through. Once through, loop the one end of the pony loop through the other, pull snuggly, and you’re done!

TIP: These make great, reusable package toppers!! You can use skinny rolled elastic instead of pony tail holders to make it a longer length. Make sure to tie a knot in the end and hide it under the button. I’m a firm believer in hiding mechanics!

To create the bow, just adhere the button to the top of the bow with hot glue. (My little model here is Kenley, my granddaughter :) ) Great for when you need a custom look! And take a look at all the Hero Arts stamps that will work for fun images!

For making the rainbow on the onesie, I traced halfway around three coordinating circles and then stamped the flowers on the side the same manner I did above. (You can also use a water soluble pen on the stamp as ink and as markings for the rainbow. The ink color will come out when dampened with water or washed.) To maintain the integrity of the knit fabric, I used a fabric stabilizer on the inside of the onesie where I planned to stitch. It keeps the knit from stretching out of shape from the embroidery stitching. If you do not have stabilizer, you can use lightweight interfacing. The rainbow was stitched using a chain stitch. The flowers were completed with the loop stitch.

It’s time to wrap up this post and, these little gifts. Happy you joined me. Here’s hoping I gave you something to do with your time and maybe something new to do altogether. Stay safe and keep creating!


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3 Responses

Sally Traidman

Sally Traidman

April 24, 2020

Love your baby shirt! I used to do that all the time. I think I need to start again!!



April 24, 2020

Such lovely and dainty projects—thanks for sharing this special gift idea!!

Cindy C.

Cindy C.

April 23, 2020

Awesome projects!! Thanks for the inspirations.

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