Hero Arts Ombré ink pads offer a gradation of color from light to dark, all in one vibrant dye ink pad. Each features three of our mid-tone formula dye inks for smooth results.

For best results, use a back and forth tapping motion. This will eliminate any harsh lines. We like to say “cha-cha-cha” while we’re doing it. Think of it as “dancing with your stamps”.

Don’t forget you can get more from your pads by using each color individually with small stamps. For larger stamps such as our Bold Prints, just rotate the pad and keep on inking.

Watch the video below with tips and tricks for using Hero Arts Ombré ink pads.

Hero Arts has 13 Ombré ink pads — including new Neon Red to Purple, Neon Yellow to Orange and Neon Chartreuse to Blue — and we just may be working on more! See them all plus ideas and inspiration in our galleries below.


Thanks to Yana Smakula for creating the Ombré Ink video.