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There is joy in generosity, and creativity in finding the best way to give.

Hero Arts donates 100% of net profits
on select products to charity.

The Hero Arts brand was founded on the ideas of integrity, innovation, and community. We express these beliefs in everything we do from our design and manufacturing to our customer service and marketing. We believe in the power of expression through creativity, and sharing is a pathway to connecting with others through the thoughtfulness of a creative community. To support these ideas, and to give back to the community we love, Hero Arts has the following ongoing Charitable Campaigns that focus on giving in the places we feel need our support most.

How do we donate? On a quarterly basis, for the products included in our Charitable Campaign, we donate to a rotating group of different charities either 25% of Gross Profits or 100% of Net Profits, whichever is higher, in order to be sure we give at least 100% of the net profits we make from these items.



A simple act of kindness, such as giving a friend something unexpected or making a card for someone special, can have a lasting impact. The world needs more acceptance, love and kindness, and we support products and programs that encourage everyday acts. As crafters, we are well positioned to reach out and help those who need us most. Hero Arts supports kindness and giving in many ways, from donations to outreach to sending love to those in need. When our troops were overseas for extended periods, we supported the organization Operation Write Home -- through the donation of crafting materials -- which sent handstamped cards to troops so they could write home to loved ones. Hero Arts has developed clear stamps, wood stamps, cling stamps and die-cut sets with artist Jennifer McGuire, designed to spread handmade kindness to people who need it most. You can help us support kindness, as we donate 100% of our net profits on these items to the Kind Campaign, through our Kindness Charitable Campaign.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


Hero Arts has a long tradition of support for education, teachers and schools. Our original founder was a teacher in the 1970s. We have programs that allow low-income community schools to visit Hero Arts and take stamping classes. We donate art supplies to schools all across the nation, and have done so over many decades. Our line of Teacher Stamps and Just-For-Kids inks, available today in Educational Supply stores and a retailer near you, have been an educational staple for many years. Plus, if you purchase these stamps, you can help us support schools, as we donate 100% of our net profits -- on this list of items -- to schools through our Schools Charitable Campaign.



We believe in investing and supporting the communities in which we all live. When the bombing happened at the Boston Marathon in 2013, we all wept. We made a Boston Strong stamp to support the families, by donating the profits from that stamp, who were directly affected. There are many examples where communities need our collective help. Hero Arts donates dozens of times per year to organizations requesting money or supplies for various community endeavors, from raising money for a sick friend to supporting a retirement home that needs to find some joy. And we invest locally. The average employee at Hero Arts has been with the company 17 years, and we have helped them raise a family and contribute to our communities.

You can help us support our communities in need, as we donate 100% of our net profits on these items to charities that are best equipped to help those who need it, through our Community Charitable Campaign.

FEATURED CHARITY: All Hands Volunteers


As a company, we believe in authenticity and the importance of knowing where products come from. We strive to make only the highest-quality stamps, with the lowest impact on our employees, customers and the environment. Hero Arts has won numerous sustainable awards for our processes. We produce most of our products by hand in our facility or through vendors with consistent values. We have worked to eliminate chemicals and toxins from our manufacturing process, and use solar to power our operations with wind off-set for what the solar doesn't cover. And we push out our ideas and values in this area by supporting vendors and giving to organizations that do the same. For example, we have run programs that support the National Parks, rainforests of Brazil, the oceans of the world, and endangered species, not to mention local efforts to beautify our neighborhoods.

You can help us support our environment, as we donate 100% of our net profits on these items through our Environment Charitable Campaign.

FEATURED CHARITY: World Wildlife Fund Oceans Initiatives
The Environment


Hero Arts as a woman-owned company has long since believed that family support and women's health are central parts of a strong and thriving community. Cherishing the ones we love is an important endeavor that holds the fabric of our world together. Hero Arts has consistently given to fight breast cancer, donated products on a regular basis to children's hospitals in order to bring a little light during dark times, and supported Kimberly Saldana's Lasting Hearts charity that helps families who have lost a child, among other endeavors.

You can help us support Women's Health, as we donate 100% of our net profits on these items through our Women's Health Charitable Campaign.

Lasting Hearts
Women's Health


Hero Arts is supporting the following charities:

  • As part of the Families Together campaign, Hero Arts will contribute 100% of profits from the Holding Hands and Family is Everything stamps to Unicef.
  • To help out the hurricane victims, Hero Arts is donating to: Unicef USA, Heart To Heart International, JJ Watt Foundation , All Hands Volunteers
  • Working with Simon Says Stamps, Hero Arts is contributing to the "Crafters For A Cause" efforts by donating products for the boxes to go towards Hurricane Relief.
  • 100% of profits from our Destination Texas and Kelly's Texas stamps go to the ongoing Hurricane Harvey support efforts in Texas
  • 100% of profits from our new Destination Florida stamp go to the ongoing Hurricane Irma support efforts in Florida
  • 100% of profits from recently released Giving Clear Set and two new Giving woodblock stamps go to charity, with a special emphasis on support for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the other Caribbean islands devastated by recent hurricane activity.
  • We watched the ominous red skies, caustic smoke and falling ash and our hearts broke for our Northern neighbors as fires destroyed homes and property throughout the area. Hero Arts has organized give-aways and made donations for the families displaced and impacted. This recovery will be difficult and will impact our community for years to come.
  • For the fires, if you want to help too, here are two suggestions: Napa Valley Community Fund, Redwood Empire Food Bank

The Environment