We do it for the love of stamping.

Start to finish, Hero Arts products are made by hand with love and precision. From selecting the finest, sustainable maple woods, to crafting the intricate molds, to patiently trimming the rubber, Hero Arts has made stamping supplies for papercrafts for over 40 years. Started as a family business, Hero Arts remains true to its innovative spirit, and today is focused on trendy design, earth-friendly manufacturing, a rich community of stampers, a family-oriented focus on independent retailers, and a desire to share and inspire creativity.

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The company started at home and was built on the idea of family. Jacqueline Leventhal started the company in 1974 in her Berkeley apartment, and her son Aaron now owns and runs the company with his wife Laura. We have always considered our customers, retail outlets and vendors as family. Hero Arts sees its products and its customers through this family filter. Given that fact, why would we want to give our family anything but the best?


Hero Arts has always had a strong focus on manufacturing and craftsmanship. In order to achieve the exacting standards, we have made by hand the vast majority of our own products, including our woodblock stamps in our own US facilities. We have focused on the best materials, from sustainable wood blocks to chemical-free papers and inks, and have build our business around environmental, employee and customer-friendly materials.


The Hero Arts brand thrives in providing high-quality products for customers to create, express themselves, and connect with others. Trusted by stampers, crafters, designers, and DIY-ers, we equip our customers with beautiful and compelling products which increase their imagination of what is possible. We believe in modeling the power of expressing oneself through creativity, and how personal expression is a pathway to connecting with others through the thoughtfulness of a creative community.


Originated as a family company that helped others express themselves, we are ultimately a design company who cherishes innovation. We are explorers of new ways to design. We are designers of inspiring tools to create. We are creators of community who value American-made quality and green initiatives that matter.

Connect with us

Connect With Us

Hero Arts stands behind everything we do. The products we make and sell are 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t happy, for any reason, neither are we. Please let us know, as we strive to improve in everything we do. Plus, we just like to talk, so contact us!


1-800-822-HERO (4376) in US and Canada
1200 Harbour Way South
Suite 201
Richmond, CA 94804

Our Customer Service is the best in the business and we hope to offer a friendly and positive approach to all of your inquiries. Please give us a try.

Connect with us
How we manufacture

How We Manufacture

If you walk into our custom-built Oakland manufacturing facility, you see industry-grade machinery cutting, shaping and sanding cabinet-grade honey-white maple into blocks used as mounts for our wood stamps. You can also hear our World War II era vulcunizers pressing sheets of 100% natural rubber, leaving deeply-etched impressions, perfect for stamping. Once done, we bring both the finished rubber and cut blocks back to our Richmond location where we hand or machine cut, mount, and index with a label, creating the finished product. Then, once we are sure each stamp meets our quality standards, we send them out to retailers and stampers all over the world.

Every Hero Arts employee is a member of the family, most of whom have worked at Hero Arts for almost 20 years (17 years on average). Similarly, many of our independent retailer customers and stampers have bought Hero Arts for the same amount of time or even longer. We have vendors who supplied us in the 1970s who continue to work with us today. It isn’t uncommon for us to hear stories of people who remember buying their first stamp or ink - often one they still have and use - back in the 1990s or even the 1980s! Through and through, Hero Arts has a focus on high-quality handmade products for our family -- our employees, our retailers, and our customers. After all, we do it all for the love of sharing, giving, community, family, and, of course, stamping.

How we manufacture
Green business

Green Business


Hero Arts is a Certified Green Business and an award-winning sustainability leader. We have won awards in our city, county and state (the most prestigious award available).

Here are some of the ways we focus on only the best quality stamping products while reducing our business impact on Mother Earth.

Green business
Hero art wholesale

Hero Arts Wholesale

Interested in Becoming a Retailer?


Hero Arts
1200 Harbour Way South, Suite 201
Richmond, CA 94804 USA
FAX: 510-232-4600 / 800-441-3632

Vendor Information

Hero Arts products are sold by licensed retailers around the world.

Our central philosophy is to design and make innovative products, at a fair price, positioned at the high end of the market.

This means we will provide you with innovative, top quality products that are competitively priced and we believe will sell better, on balance, than other products in the stamp market.

We also do not discount our products, regardless of volume, in a manner or degree that we believe would hurt our small retail stores — the core of the Hero Arts business. And we only work with retailers who maintain a premium positioning for our products.

Hero Arts strives to serve our valuable retailers as well as to grow the community of stampers by reaching out to new and potential stampers who do not visit stamp stores.

Hero art wholesale