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Video: Pigment & Dye Ombre Inks and Color Layering Octopus

Jul 25, 2016 Hero Arts Info

I am a big fan of Hero Arts dye ombré ink pads so when I spotted two new pigment metallic pads from Hero a bunch of stamping ideas rushed through my mind and I was lucky to jot down a few.

Need A Hand Card by Yana Smakula for Hero Arts

I love both dye and pigment inks; dye - for how fast they dry and how they overlap and pigment, as silly as it might sound, for how long they take to dry and also, for how they overlap.

Imagine using both types of ink for your stamping, better yet for stamping a Color Layering image and also using not just dye and not just pigment, but ombré dye and ombré pigment for a maximum amount of detail.

Need A Hand Card by Yana Smakula for Hero Arts

My today's video takes a closer look at both [hero_product_link sku="AF346" text="Ombré Vintage Metallic Rust"] and [hero_product_link sku="AF347" text="Ombré Vintage Metallic Steel"] inks and walks you through the process of stamping a [hero_product_link sku="CM104" text="Color Layering Octopus"] using both.

Watch video below or on Hero Arts Youtube Channel:


Another reason why I love pigment ink is because it is embossable. After I finished my stamping I added [hero_product_link sku="PW104" text="Clear Embossing Powder"] and heat set it. This not only trapped the ink (and prevented it from smearing), it also helped the colors pop and created a resist effect which enabled me to blend several colors of Distress ink in the background.

Need A Hand Card by Yana Smakula for Hero Arts

You can spot the clear embossing shine on the photo below. To finish this card I foam mounted my panel onto an orange card base from the [hero_product_link sku="PS569" text="Sunshine Mix Folded Cards Set"], added a strip of gold glitter paper, heat embossed the funniest "Need a Hand" sentiment and embellished my card with clear drops to imitate air bubbles.

Need A Hand Card by Yana Smakula for Hero Arts

Using both dye and pigment ombré inks is definitely fun and is something I see myself doing a lot more in the future.

Have you mixed these two types of inks before? Comment below!



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