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June, 13, 2018

Today we welcome to the blog Grace Wilson, Hero Arts Director of Business Development. She's going to share how to put your background stamps to use to create easy, fancy (looking) paper fans for any occasion! Take it away, Grace...

When I am looking for accessories I can make to add to my party decor, I always seem to come back to versatility. I don’t want to be making six different projects for one party, I want to make one, preferably in different sizes that can be utilized for many different purposes. Items like cake toppers, backdrops, hanging arrangements, bunting, drink stirrers, you get the idea, I like lots of party accessories, preferably handmade, preferably adorable. Look no further than these easy to create, easy to customize, versatile paper fans.


1. Select your paper color and desired background stamp. I chose a wonderful summer print Picnic Blanket Bold Prints on the medium blue found in the Pool Mix Layering Papers and stamped using Navy Ink.

2. Cut strips of paper in any size desired, you need two of each width. I like using between 1 inch and 3 inches in ½ inch increments. For this example, I cut strips 2½ inches wide. Cut center covers using any small die you have handy in coordinating or accent color and set aside. This Nesting Circle Infinity Die set would be perfect.

3. Fold strips into accordions measuring about ½ inch. They don’t have to be perfect, but keeping the size consistent helps later. Glue ends of strips together using your favorite glue. I use my two-year-old's spring clamps to hold them while drying, if you don’t have a hardware store loving toddler, a paperclip or binder clip would work just fine.

4. Glue ends together to form a closed circle, again using spring clamps to secure.

5. Here is the tricky part: push down on the circle while bringing center together. Hold together with one hand, while putting glue around center of the fan, and put die cut shape over glue. I put plenty of glue on all the way around the tiny inner circle to make sure it will stay. Secure in place with a handy can of whatever you have in your pantry. Once dry, flip over the fan and repeat the gluing and cover with a die cut shape.

That’s it! You can glue them to a skewer for a tall cake topper or cocktail stick, attach a small version to a toothpick for a cupcake topper, string together to make a hanging decoration, string together with ribbon for bunting or banners, or glue a whole bunch of them together to make a backdrop. Whatever party accessory you need, these have you covered!

Other combinations I love:

For any birthday party, Confetti Bold Prints on Snow Layering Paper in any ink really, but neons are my current favorites!

For a modern festive touch, try Irregular Grid Bold Prints in navy, silver or gold.

For a beach or tropical party, use the Waves Background on Pool Mix Layering Papers in Navy Ink.

Festive floral engagement? Try Repeating Flower Bold Prints on Floral Mix Layering Papers with any of the Floral Hues Dye Ink Cubes.

Use what you love and make many different sizes, you never know when you will need another party accessory on the fly. Happy party planning, and don’t forget to share your creations, we love seeing your creativity!


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Amy Tsuruta

June 13, 2018

So Super FUN!

Karthikha Uday

June 13, 2018

I love these fun paper fans :)

Mary Rosenthal

June 13, 2018

So cute! And the instructions are so clear.

Billie A

June 13, 2018

What a fun idea and awesome stamps to create these fans.

Sharon Gullikson

June 13, 2018

I would like to make some of those for INDEPENDENCE DAY

Harmony Rose Lane

June 21, 2018

Thx for sharing instructions on making these sophisticated, elegant rosettes! I have many HE background stamps, but I will order those layering papers. They’re beautiful!


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