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Multicolor Letterpress Impressions

Mar 22, 2024 Natasha Polite

Hi crafty friends! Natasha Polite sharing a crafty card featuring the NEW Letterpress + Foil Plates from our Spring Catalog Release.

To start off the card, I grabbed Luxe White Watercolor Paper and the wreath from the Antique Bee Letterpress +Foil Plate set. I will be using these in conjunction with the BetterPress System and a large die cutting machine. When doing Letterpress, cotton or watercolor paper work best. So for optimal results when using these plates, I suggest using either the black or white watercolor paper.

I wanted to achieve a multicolor look so I grabbed Peony, Passion Flower, Dandelion and Paradise Core inks. I would ink and press one wreath, rotate the panel, and repeat the process, ensuring that some portion of the wreath would be on the panel and that the impressions of each wreath do not overlap. I did this on two separate A2 card panels. I used one as my base and then cut the other down to 3 3/4 inches x 5 inches. For my focal wreath, I inked the wreath in sections using my four ink colors. To avoid muddy color mixes, I placed colors that mix well together side by side. Once this wreath was pressed, I fussy cut it out.

To finish the card, I grabbed the "best wishes" plate from the Best Wishes Letterpress + Foil set, and pressed this onto vellum and heat set the ink. I used Pitch Black Core ink for this. I then cut the sentiment into two strips. The final arrangement of the card consists of an A2 base, the smaller 3 3/4 inch x 5 inch rectangle popped up and centered, and the fussy cut wreath them popped up and centered on the smaller rectangle. The vellum sentiment strips are stacked and adhered across the wreath. Clear Enamel Dots are the final touch.

There we have my completed card using the Letterpress + Foil Plates. For this card, I chose to letterpress, but these plates can be used for foiling as well. Do you own either of the systems that allow you to letterpress or foil? I hope you have enjoyed this colorful blog post.

Happy Crafting!

2 Responses

Olivia Beatty

Olivia Beatty

March 25, 2024

Beautiful card

Shelice Walker

Shelice Walker

March 23, 2024

I don’t have a better press plate yet. I started using the glimmer though. Experimenting on different glimmer techniques.

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