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Hispanic Heritage Month & Grandma's Gorditas!

Oct 14, 2020 Hero Arts

As National Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, we want to continue the celebration by highlighting another one of our awesome Hero Arts team members. We are so happy to have Kimberly Saldaña, our VP of Sales, here with us today. Take it away, Kimberly!

Being a Hispanic woman at Hero Arts has given me the opportunity to use Spanish to communicate with customers in Latin America. It brings me joy to share and be part of such an amazing community.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month I wanted to share a family recipe that I grew up making with my Grandma in Mexico. My mom (Tita) enjoys making gorditas with our gals, so we spoiled her last weekend with a social distance birthday breakfast.

During these challenging times, we also find peace crafting together on the weekends. We have found ways to bring joy by sending cards to friends, family and pen pals. The gals don't know what a store bought card looks like. ;) 

Tasty homemade food and cardmaking -- now that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! Big thanks, Kimberly, for sharing your heritage with us. We are thankful for you!

3 Responses

Crystal LeShae Evans

Crystal LeShae Evans

October 15, 2020

This is really a sweet post! 😊

Marisela Delgado

Marisela Delgado

October 15, 2020

Gorditas……yummy! Thank you, Hero Arts, for not forgetting about us! My birthday 🎂 falls on the first day of Mexico’s Independence Day (el Dia del Grito – day of the Battle Cry), which is September 15. It’s also the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. I celebrate the whole month! 🎉 I would love to see you have stamps in Spanish and/or about our Hispanic culture. NO BEER BOTTLE IMAGES, PLEASE. Llamas are cute, but only live in a couple of South American countries. Mexicans don’t have llamas although it would be funny to watch what they would do with them. haha haha I am Mexican-American with a mother from Mexico so I can say that! haha haha Just don’t forget about us. Now, I want gorditas! Yumm!

Aaron Leventhal

Aaron Leventhal

October 14, 2020

So fun! Thank you for sharing. :)

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