Get Them All June

This Get Them All bundle includes one of each of the June My Monthly Hero add-on products, at a discounted price. 

Included in this bundle are the following products:

CG851 Birthday Balloons Bold Prints
CG852 Candles Bold Prints
CM546 Color Layering Cupcake
CM547 Bunch of Balloons
CM548 Party Animals
CM549 Number Candles
CM550 Birthday Panda
DC287 Birthday Stamp & Cut XL
DI902 Color Layering Cupcake Frame Cuts (B)
DI903 Birthday Border Fancy Die with Frame (F)
DI904 Bunch of Balloons Frame Cuts (C)
DI905 Party Animals Frame Cuts (C)
DI906 Number Candles Frame Cuts (D)
DI907 Birthday Panda Frame Cuts (D)
DI908 Birthday Cake Pop-up (D)
SA168 Streamer Stencil

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