DI896 Looking Glass Underwater Reef (E)

Looking Glass die set featuring three layers to build dynamic ocean scenes. 

Looking Glass Dies are designed for cutting windows, creating backgrounds and building layered scenes. These versatile dies can be used individually, interchangeably, or layered. They shine when combined with stamps, different colors of paper, and slimline cards or any other other card size you choose. Each die is 2.25” wide. Use with HT206 Alignment Tool and HT207 Alignment Tool Slimline Stencil for easy placement and stenciling. Check out the whole collection of Looking Glass products here

Hero Arts Fancy Dies are stand-alone designs that produce beautifully detailed cut-outs on paper. Reminiscent of a Hero Arts stamp design, Fancy Dies complement stamps instead of matching them to broaden your stamping and technique options. They are made with intricate cutting surfaces from sturdy metal, are compatible with most die-cutting machines, and work well with the complete Hero Arts line of stamps and papers.

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