Video: Two Styles of Poinsettias

When it comes to crafts, the holidays are the perfect time to share them with your friends and family. This is the perfect time to do what you love and reflect all that giving spirit by making and sharing your creativity with others. Today I am presenting a video showing how to use the Poinsettia Cutting Die set by Lia in two different ways.

(If you are having problems viewing this video, please try watching it HERE on YouTube.)

This cutting die set is quite versatile. I created two different styles of flowers for this video, but it is always up to you to use your creativity and imagination to mix and match different colors, papers, textures and layers to make your very own style of poinsettia.


For the poinsettias that I created for today, I used shimmery papers along with traditional Christmas colors. Style #1 features pointy petals, while Style #2 shows wider looking petals. The difference is just a visual effect as the petals are the same size


These flowers can be used in a wide variety of projects like gifts bows, Christmas decorations, table embellishments, etc.


No matter how you choose to use these flowers, they will make your projects look outstanding.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you feel inspired to share your creativity with your loved ones.


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