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Hello everyone! We wanted to provide you with another update on our online store issues. At this time we continue to have problems with our store stating “Internal Server Error” at the last step of check-out, when in fact the order went through just fine. Please bear with us as we resolve this issue, for which we deeply apologize. We will not process any duplicate orders and will refund any associated charges. Please call us at 800-822-4376 if you would like to place a phone order or email if you have questions.

Update (Wednesday, January 6, 1:45pm PT): We are going through all phone messages that came in overnight, and customer service is available now during business hours (7:30AM-5:00PM PT) and talking calls. To be honest, we are a little overwhelmed with emails at the moment but working to get to each call and email as fast as we can to resolve the issues that we created. We can’t even express how sad we are to put our customers through this, and we are so sorry for the problems our web issues have caused. We will work tirelessly to get this resolved for each of you.



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