Retro Phones

Hello everyone! Do you remember the times when there were no cell phones? You only had one or two phones in the house and a very long cord so that you could carry it to the other room? We had one ugly green phone that rung every time someone fell asleep, lol! The Friends by Lia stamp set has just the phone image I am talking about! The minute I saw it I remembered our old phone, all the fun teenage conversations I had with my girlfriends, all the gossip and chit chat.


Find out how to make these cards — click for complete supplies and instructions.

I was inspired by the phone image and wanted to create a fun custom background. Ended up making a few, you know me, I simply cannot stop at just one.


I stamped a few patterns in one color and also did one diagonal pattern using several colors of ink. I filmed a video to explain how I create grids for patterns that require stamping in multiple colors of ink. I also shared a bit about embossing on both sides of vellum for a fun look. Enjoy!

If you are having problems viewing the video, please try watching it HERE on YouTube.

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