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WB1042 OCTOBER 2019 Get Them All

Includes all of these great products:

CG796 Mod Pattern Bold Prints
CG797 Line & Dot Pattern Bold Prints
CM398 Merry Woof
CM399 Retro Christmas Messages
CM400 Out of This World Christmas
CM401 Stylized Christmas Trees
CM402 Meowy Christmas
DC269 Happy Holidays Script Stamp & Cut
DC270 Merry Christmas Script Stamp & Cut
DI697 Merry Woof Frame Cuts (D)
DI698 Retro Christmas Messages Frame Cuts (E)
DI699 Out of this World Christmas Frame Cuts (C)
DI700 Stylized Christmas Trees Frame Cuts (C)
DI701 Pop Art Fancy Dies (D)
DI702 1950s Television Fancy Die (D)
DI703 Ornament Pieces Cover Plate (F)
DI704 Meowy Christmas Frame Cuts (C)

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