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Today we’re excited to a have a very special guest joining us – Lisa Stein! She’s contributes to the A Blog Named Hero challenge blog, and she’s as much fun as she is talented. Take it away, Lisa!

Hi! It’s Lisa Stein, and I am so happy to be guest blogging for Hero Arts today. I’ve used a few of the new Planner stamps today and am just so happy to have found a way to organize my gift cards. We all get a lot of these and I used to just keep them in an envelope in one of the zippered compartments of my purse. After a while that envelope got pretty beat up, and wasn’t containing the cards anymore. More importantly, if I had the gift card because I returned something to the store and that was the only way to get money back, I often had no idea how much that gift card was worth. I’m certain a lot of people have that same issue.

I had these clear envelopes on hand for a little organization project I did for my husband. I would recommend using the Clearly Kelly 3×4 Pocket Inserts. They’d be perfect for this little project.


Find out how to make this project — click for supplies and instructions.

I used the two background stamps (City Map and  Dots Background) to just make the cardstock into some fun patterned paper. I wanted to use bright colors and bold, graphic patterns, just so I can smile every time I use one of these gift cards.

Usually I would come up with this idea and use my computer and printer, and make this as neat and straight as possible. Since I had these awesome stamps I decided to embrace the crafty side of organization, and am so glad I did. I hope you do something fun and unexpected with your planner stamps.

We love it! Thanks so much, Lisa!


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