Decorate a Tree

Hello, it’s Wida and today I made a fun Christmas card using just plain stamping and die cutting basics!


Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

I took out a few colors that I thought coordinated well using this image as inspiration.


(Image source)

Using the Decorate a Tree set, I just started stamping and stamping and grabbing another stamp and another color and stamping some more. Periodically, I would lay the Circle Christmas Tree die cut over the stamped area to see if I was getting a good result and what area needed to be filled in more. I started with the larger images and then filled in the sparse areas with the smaller images.

I popped up the die cut and adhered the star on top for a dramatic effect. I love the dimension it gives. Just let Hallmark try that!!


For something different and festive, I thought a green sentiment would be something in keeping with the holiday theme. It’s rare to see a card with NO BLACK stamping! Even those little differences can make a big impact on the card.

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