WB1064 Get Them All October Add-Ons

Contains each of the following products at a great discount:

CG863 Winter Express Bold Prints
CG864 Gear Clock Bold Prints
CG865 Gift Shop Background Cling
CM577 Victorian Christmas Messages
CM578 Victorian Ice Skaters
CM579 Christmas Carolers
CM580 Hero Greetings Christmas Gift Shop
DI954 Christmas Tree Pieces Fancy Dies (E)
DI955 Hero Lifestyle Victorian Lady (D)
DI956 Hero Lifestyle Victorian Gentleman (D)
DI957 Vintage Toys Fancy Dies (D)
DI958 Victorian Ice Skaters Frame Cuts (C)
DI959 Christmas Carolers Frame Cuts (C)
SA184 Victorian Stencil
CM581 Steampunk Holiday
DI960 Steampunk Holiday Frame Cuts (C)
SK104 Patina Technique Kit

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