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NEW Bold Inks

by Hero Arts Info February 12, 2016

Hero Arts Bold Inks Header

Hi everyone! Today I'm so excited to share a bit more about the new Bold Inks that were released in the 2016 Catalog and now available in the Hero Arts shop.

There are 14 vibrant colors with a hybrid ink formulation, which means it is a mix of pigment and dye ink. The inks dry quickly like a dye ink, but offer a crisp impression like pigment inks. They work great for fine detail stamps, because they don't feather or fade like a dye ink. Also, they are archival and work great on vellum. And there are reinkers available for all 14 colors!

A technique I think these inks will be great for is Color Layering. With our growing line of Color Layering stamps, these inks offer a bold color to use as the top layer. When you combine them with the lighter Shadow Inks, you will have some great combinations of colors to create dimension within an image.

Whenever I see a new ink line released, the first thing I want to know is how they compare to other ink colors. So that's what I am going to share with you today! I'm going to compare the new Bold Inks with existing Mid-Tone Shadow Inks that many of you already have and love. I realize due to differences in computer monitors, the colors many not be exact, but hopefully you can get the basic idea of where these new inks fit in compared to existing inks Hero Arts offers. (On the charts below, the Bold Inks are designated with bold lettering and the graininess you might see is just from the photo and doesn't represent the smoothness of the inks.)

So let's just go in rainbow order to keep things nice and pretty and start out with the reds.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Reds

The two red shades are called Strawberry and Crimson. Strawberry is a great true red, while Crimson has a bit more pink tone to it.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Yellow and Orange

Tangerine is a bright orange that complements Orange Soda nicely. And Dandelion is a perfect yellow that fits in right between Lemon Yellow and Butter Bar. It isn't as bright as Lemon Yellow and doesn't have the slight orange tone that Butter Bar has.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Greens

Next, up are the greens and I'm thrilled how these fill in a few gaps from our existing green inks. Green Apple is such a bright and happy green. I normally reach for Lime Green when I need a bright shade of green, but Green Apple is even brighter. These two would be great for using on leaves in some of the Color Layering flower sets. There is also Pine, which is a deep grass green color and Moss which is an olive green.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Blues

Now for my favorite color -- blue! I included Tide Pool on the chart so you can see the comparison of how much more bold and more blue these four ink colors are. Summer Sky is a bright sky blue and a great compliment to one of the other new colors, Indigo. Aquatic and Deep Ocean each have a little more green in them and coordinate well with our popular Pool shades of ink.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Purples

Next, there are two new purple shades. Orchid is a pretty lilac purple that pairs well with Grape Juice. And Mulled Wine is a gorgeous new shade that I haven't really seen before. It it a dark reddish purple -- it has a lot more pink in it than blue, so it works well with either purple or red shades.

Hero Arts Bold Inks-Browns

And finally the last color is Caramel. It is basically a darker version of Pumpkin Pie and works well with oranges and yellows.

Now that you've been formally introduced, let's take a look at them in action. On Monday, we had a Blog Hop to celebrate the launch of the new 2016 Catalog products in the Hero Arts Online Store and these are the cards I shared during the hop.

Bold Ink Cards by Kelly Rasmussen for Hero Arts

I used all 14 colors of inks on these three cards along with three new stencils. I think this is a great demonstration of how much impact these bold colors can have.

Bold Ink Cards by Kelly Rasmussen for Hero Arts

If you are interested in seeing some additional photos of these cards you can check them out HERE. There's still time to enjoy the hop and comment for a chance to win our shopping spree giveaways.

If you have any questions about these new Bold Inks, please let us know in the comments on this post. We hope you enjoy these new inks and look forward to seeing your projects using them!




Hero Arts Info
Hero Arts Info


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