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Stamp a portion of a background image to become the focal point of your card.

Stamp small portions of an image onto contrasting paper and remount onto your card.

Repeat stamped images to add multiple "gifts" to your card.

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Tip: Use one pair of scissors for paper and another for cloth. Mixing them will result in dull blades.

Use a fine tip marker to edge your cut out images.

Suggested Materials:
Hero Arts stamps, cards, inks, buttons and gems. Also check into getting a great pair of scissors.

Cutting and Remounting Images
By Shari Carroll

One of the pleasures I enjoy most when creating my cards is cutting out images. I use this technique more than any other. One of the huge benefits of this technique is the ability to get the most out of your stamps while adding great elements to your cards.

Let's discuss scissors real quick before jumping into the technique. As a general rule, use scissors that fit the size of the piece you are cutting. For instance: When I cut out a 4" circle, I use a larger scissor that gives me a long blade reach which lessons sharp turns. When I cut tiny items, I use small sharp tipped scissors.

Bold Flowers
This card uses a portion of the image from the background but it's stamped again in a much different manner to become the focal point.

  1. Stamp the background image with Memories White ink onto a Kraft card.
  2. Add pattern papers and cardstock to the card.
  3. Clean the stamp and ink the main flower area with blue, stamp onto book text.
  4. Cut out the blue flower and edge it with addition ink if desired.
  5. Mount the flower to the card over it's background image.
  6. Add Prima flowers and buttons to finish.

Fall Tree
This card uses the same image but stamped on contrasting papers to add color to the tree.

  1. Cut cardstock in a curve to form a hill. Ink edges as desired. Adhere to a pumpkin card.
  2. Stamp the tree with brown ink onto the card. Color with pencils.
  3. Stamp the tree several times onto various papers. Cut out a selection of leaves and flowers.
  4. Adhere the cut pieces to the card.
  5. Add ribbon and gems to finish.

Reindeer Gifts
This is a fun card. The original image is a reindeer holding one gift. By adding additional gifts it becomes quite comical.

  1. Cut a wavy pattern from white paper and add it to a light blue card.
  2. Stamp the tree with green ink and cut out. Adhere the tree to the card with a little piece of Kraft paper for the trunk.
  3. Stamp the reindeer and gift onto scrap white paper with black ink. Stamp additional gifts.
  4. Color as desired. Cut out pieces.
  5. Adhere all the pieces to the card arranging the gifts one on top of another.
  6. Add the sentiment, ribbon and gems to finish.
Remember to find ways to enjoy your creating process with Hero Arts Stamps, notecards and accessories.