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Organization Ideas: Kelly’s Craft Room Part 3

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

organization ideas header

Hi there! I’m back with another post to share a few organization ideas with you from my craft room.

I keep all of my 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock in magazine files and a Cropper Hopper paper holder. The first one holds all my neutrals (white, cream, kraft, black, grey), the next one has Hero Arts Layering Papers and the last one is for other brands of colored cardstock.

Paper Storage 1 - Kelly Rasmussen

I have the different types/brands divided by sturdy page protectors. Each page protector has the brand and color of cardstock printed on a label in the corner. The page protectors serve as dividers between each type of cardstock AND it’s also where I put any scraps after I cut into a new sheet.

Paper Storage 2 - Kelly Rasmussen

Next up, I store my stencils in Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets. They are made to store clear stamp sets, but work great for stencils, too!

Stencil Storage - Kelly Rasmussen

The pocket stamp storage method has become very popular thanks to Jennifer McGuire and I can see why. I love these pockets and I am currently working on my clear stamp storage using this system.

Die cutting has become very popular over the last few years and once Hero Arts started selling dies I knew I needed to come up with a more efficient storage system than just leaving them in their original packaging. So two years ago, on a whim, I picked up the ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case at an after-Thanksgiving sale at JoAnn’s. And I’m so glad I did because I love this system!

Die Storage 1 - Kelly Rasmussen

If you are not familiar with this system, it is a clear case that hold magnetic sheets for wafer thin dies. I currently have 15 magnetic sheets in mine and there is room for at least 6-8 more.

Die Storage 2 - Kelly Rasmussen

The sheets can hold quite a few dies and if you are strategic about where you place them, they can hold even more. And I use a permanent marker to label the backside of the die with the product name or number.

Thanks for joining me today! I still have a few more organization ideas to share, so I’ll see you back here soon.


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Organization Ideas: Libby’s Woodblock Shelves

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

organization ideas header

Hi everyone! I’m hijacking Kelly’s fabulous organization series to share one thing I love about my own craft room. (You can see Kelly’s previous posts HERE and HERE.) I love woodblock stamps - as much as I also love clear and cling stamps, woodblock will always be my favorite. I love the feel of the stamp in my hand, and I also love how they look on a shelf. But like many of you, I’ve struggled to figure out where to put them all. With some help from my father-in-law, I turned an unused, wasted corner of my craft room into a useful space for woodblock storage!


My room is located in our walk-out basement. The shape of the room is a bit odd, and when I finished putting up my bookcase and a unit to separate my half of the space from the kids’ playroom, I had this corner that wasn’t really suited for much of anything. Except… narrow shelves for woodblock storage!


When I had the idea to put some sort of storage in that space, I took my little helpers with me to the hardware store (in this case, Home Depot) to figure out what might work for building shelves.


This corner moulding was the perfect solution for my space! Since it’s essentially a right angle, there was a portion to mount to the wall and a portion to use as a shelf. I brought a stamp along with me to make sure it would fit, and it did, perfectly.


The moulding comes in long, eight-foot pieces, which were then cut to fit my space. Thankfully my father-in-law is handy, so I put him to work the next time he visited. But if you don’t like to saw things, or you don’t have a visiting father-in-law :), the hardware store will likely be happy to cut them to your specifications, for free. Also, I didn’t mind these being permanently screwed into my space - but I’ll caution you, it does create a lot of holes in the wall! My father-in-law did the difficult work of mounting them straight on the wall with screws.


These shelves are really simple, but I truly love them! I’m thrilled that in my case it put a wasted corner to good use, and I love being able to see them all when I’m working. I’m hoping this will give some of you an idea for your own space!

Thanks for stopping by today,


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One Layer Watercoloring

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Hello! It’s Lucy here today with a simple watercolored card that fits in with our current one layer challenge. One layer cards are hard for me; I just love to add more and more paper! Sticking to a single sheet was pretty tough going… but once I’d decided to try out some watercoloring, I actually found it pretty easy. I chose to work with a butterfly stamp from the Three Artistic Butterflies set, then added a simple sentiment from the Art of the Card Forever set. I embossed both with clear embossing powder before adding the watercolor.


To add a little more detail and texture, I flicked the final piece with some softly shiny mist then added Rock Candy Stickles to the butterflies.


Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

Have you had a chance to create something for the One Layer Challenge yet? The deadline for entries is fast approaching. You have until Sunday 10th August to upload your projects to our contest page and be in with a chance of winning a $30 Hero Arts shopping spree. I hope you get a chance to play along!

Have a happy day,


Forever (AC037) Black Ink Pad (AF101) Ranger Rocky Candy Distress Stickles (GW219) Three Artistic Butterflies (LP215) Watercolor Wheel (PD101) Snow Folded Cards (PS566)
Embossing Powder - Clear (PW104) Embossing Gun (PW200) VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad (VC250)

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Watercolor Background with Spray Inks

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Hi! It’s Jennifer here today. I don’t know about you but I am LOVING summer! The long days…the sunshine…the kids home…I just love it all.

However! It’s time to think about Christmas! Hero Arts has some great new holiday products that I know you will love. Today I used one of the new stamps for a very quick “watercolor” card. You will be amazed how easy it is!

(If you are having problems viewing this video, please try watching it HERE on YouTube.)

Merry Christmas Tree by Jennifer McGuire 1

Merry Christmas Tree by Jennifer McGuire 2

Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

I love the shimmer that the silver and gold mists offer. Perfect for the holidays!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy summer!


Soft Pool Shadow Ink (AF146) Tide Pool (AF223) Silver Shadow Ink (AF257) Snowflakes (CL562) Merry Christmas Tree (K5948) Midnight Mixed Folded Cards (PS698)
Embossing Powder - White (PW110) VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad (VC250) Mid-Tone Pool Spray (WM110) Mid-Tone Green Hills Spray (WM111) Silver Shimmer Spray (WM117)

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Organization Ideas: Kelly’s Craft Room Part 2

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

organization ideas header

Hi there! It’s Kelly here and I’m back with my second organization post and today it’s all about inks! If you missed my first post with a peek at my craft room you can check it out here.

One of my biggest struggles in the past with ink storage was having to stack too many ink pads on top of each other. It was a pain to try and find the color I was looking for and was not very functional. So I was thrilled when I found this storage unit with shallow drawers that are perfect for storing inks.


I have two drawers that hold all my inks. The drawers are deep enough that I could stack three ink pads on top of each other, but most of them are only stacked two high.


On the right side of this drawer I have my most used black inks and Versamark Ink. They are within an arms lenth when I’m sitting at my desk, so after I use them they go right back in the drawer and I can keep my desktop free of clutter. In the middle section are some miscellaneous inks and my Memento Luxe Pigment inks. And on the left I have my washi tapes and a storage bin that holds sequins. If my ink collection grows much more, the washi tape and sequins might need to find a new home. ;)


The second drawer might be my most favorite sight in my craft room! Hero Arts Shadow Inks and Distress Inks are by far my most used inks and I love having them spread out and easy to grab. Most of the Distress Inks are in a single layer and the Hero Arts inks are stacked two or three high. I use the inks so much that I have memorized which ink colors are below and they are still quick to grab.


Another ink product that I quickly came to love and needed storage for are Ink Daubers. I found this cute storage box on clearance at Target for only a couple dollars and it’s a perfect fit. My kids also love to use my Daubers, so I like that it is easy to pick up and move to the kitchen, rather than being stored in a drawer.


On top of one of my desks I have a shallow shelf unit that holds my spray inks and small bottles of glitter glue and enamel accents. It also holds a couple of small bowls for water or small pieces that I don’t want to get lost on my desk while making a card.

On the left side of the photo you can also see that I have a hook on the side of the cabinet for my ink swatch ring. I have been using this system for almost two years and I still love it!


I like that is is compact and easy to grab. I can quickly flip though all the colors and compare them next to each other without even having to remove them from the ring. Each tag is labeled on the back with the brand, color and type of ink (dye, pigment, shadow, etc). I highly recommend this system if you are looking for a cheap and functional way to catalog your ink colors.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you back here soon with more organizational ideas!


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Kids Week Day 4 - Beach Tote

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

It’s our last day with Lexi and Morgan! It sure was nice having them around, and watching how their creative minds work. We love this last project, and think you will too!

For our last blog, Lexi and I will be talking about how to decorate a bag! For this project, we used a typical white beach bag that you can find at craft stores, or we found ours on Amazon. For decoration, we used lots of great Hero Arts stencils and a variety of Sharpies.

To begin, color the handles, inside and outside, and the top lining of the bag in a dark pink, making sure it is even. Then, take the light green and line it around the dark pink.


Then, take the light blue sharpie and the Cloud Pattern Stencil. On the front side of the bag, color in the clouds using the stencil. For uniqueness, change the stencil around after you color in each cloud.


Next, take the light pink and write in big capital letters “BEACH DAY”. (Tip: you might want to sketch it out in a lighter color or in pencil to get the placement/letters right.) Underneath this, use the Stylish Borders stencil. You can choose any of these, but we chose the helix one to the far left. With the same color, fill in the stencil below the words.


Taking the Leaf & Flourish stencil and the dark green sharpie, put the pattern under the previous border, overlapping in the slightest.


Find out how to make this tote bag — click for supplies and instructions.

To finish up, put the Stone Circle Pattern on the bottom of the bag in dark blue. Just like the cloudy stencil, keep moving around the pattern to make it more individual, and to fill the space.


Thank you all for letting us take over the blog! We had a blast! Until next time… stay artsy and creative.

If you want to see more of our work, check out our YouTube Channel, where we post videos about fun DIY’s, highlighting some of Hero Arts’ products!

Thanks so much, girls! We had fun seeing your creations, and we hope you enjoyed your visit to Hero Arts!


Stylish Borders (SA008) Stone Circle Pattern (SA010) Cloudy Stencil (SA018) Leaf & Flourish Stencil (SA026)

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Kids Week Day 3 - A Nail Art Video!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Lexi and Morgan continue to have fun creating. Today they used our stamps and gems on their nails! We wouldn’t have thought to do that - but these two are so clever! Take it away, girls…

Today, we explored the world of nail polish!


We put together a little video tutorial, showing how we did our nails! In the video, we painted the woodblock stamps directly with nail polish. But don’t worry! It came right off with nail polish remover, no problem!

(If you are having problems viewing this video, please try watching it HERE on YouTube.)

We had fun creating this video for the blog, we hope you enjoy it!

Thanks girls! They’ll be here with one more project idea tomorrow, we can’t wait to see what else they’ll dream up!


Assorted Crystal Gemstones (CH117) Black Gemstones (CH139) Neutral Mixed Accents (CH215) Loopy Heart (F5745)

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Kids Week Day 2 - Art Journaling

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

It’s Day 2 of Aaron and Laura’s teenage nieces visiting Hero Arts HQ and letting their creative juices flow…

Hey everyone! It’s Morgan and Lexi, here to show you what we have been doing. After we had success with the iPhone cases, we moved on to something completely different: art journaling!

At the beginning, we had a lot of difficulty. Not a lot of inspiration was there; we were just coming up with simple pages with a decorated background, and words. Then we saw just a few of the many ideas on the internet, on Pinterest and such sites, and learned how many different ways we really can decorate a piece of paper. We each had so many creative ideas, ranging from simple one worded art to complex novel-like work. So, let’s get started!

We began by decorating the journal cover! There were tons of these pretty flowers available, so we just covered our entire notebook!


The centers of the flowers have pearls and gems added. We used different shapes and sizes of flowers to make it more interesting.

Next is the “Spotted Background Concept” from Morgan!


Find out how to make this page — click for complete supplies and instructions.

To begin, find a blank spot in your journal, or use a plain piece of white cardstock.  Cover the Tiny Ink Spots stamp with the neon pink ink, making sure that every part of it has the same coverage. Stamp it in the top left hand corner or your paper. Repeat until the spotted design is covering the entire sheet.

Next, get a ruler or something straight. Use a marker to make eight lines throughout the page, starting a little down from the top. The lines can be close together or really spread out. It all depends on your writing style. At the top of the page, which has no lines, you write the opening “Dear Diary” or “To Mom” or some sort of opening. To finish off the letter, you say “Love” or “From” and sign your name.

Now, we go to the writing. Using another color of marker, write whatever you want in the letter. If this is to a friend or family member, write what you want to say to them. If this is a diary, write what you feel. Because I love being precise, I had the writing finish off right at the last line but, of course, you can write as much or as little as you want!

To finish the page, get creative with some stamps. I used the Calendar stamp, as well as some cute little stamps from My Travels and other sets. And that is how you make the “Spotted Background Concept”.

Next, we got creative with watercolors! This design is more about what you want to do personally as an artist, but we are here to show you what we did.


Find out how to make this page — click for supplies and instructions.

To begin, put ink on the Old Letter Writing stamp, but make sure there is a lot of ink. I tried this design twice and I liked the darker color better than the lighter color, but feel free to choose either one. Stamp it in the left hand corner and fill the page with this stamp.

Next, using a water brush or paintbrush with watercolors, write the word/phrase you want the piece to be about. I wrote “inspire others” in blue, but there are so many words that can be here like “be creative” or  “desire”. Then, add swirls with red, green, yellow and pink ink.

To finish off this look, take the same blue that you wrote the letters in and splatter the page randomly.

We really had fun and got our creative juices flowing, and created a bunch more pages! Here’s a journal page from Lexi, where she wrote about the iPhone cases we made yesterday.


And here’s a sampling of some of our other pages.


We had a great time playing with all of these wonderful supplies. We’ll definitely be continuing our journals once we’re back home!

Lexi and Morgan will be back again tomorrow! Until then, have a wonderful day!


19th Century French Script (AC015) Time (AC029) Neon Pink Ink Dauber (AD001) Neon Blue Ink Dauber (AD006) Pastel Pink Dauber (AD026) Neon Chartreuse Dauber (AD034)
 ArtPrint Brown Dye Ink (AF120) Neon Pink (AF218) India Black Ink Pad (AF248) Will Be Okay Script (C5648) Art Flowers White and Cream (CH165) Floral Mixed Accents (CH210)
Blush Mixed Accents (CH211) Foliage Mixed Accents (CH212) Sea Mixed Accents (CH213) Sunshine Mixed Accents (CH216) Pool Mixed Accents (CH283) Calendar (D5791)
Route De Luxe (LL681) (E2233) Paint Spots (E5783) Color the Tree (H5833) Days of the Week & Numbers (LP316) My Travels (LP337) Mini Glue Dots (MI004)
Aqua-Flo Brush Set (MW012) Dual-Tip Markers Floral (MW015) Dual-Tip Markers Blush (MW016) Dual-Tip Markers Foliage (MW018) Watercolor Wheel (PD101) Pool Designer Papers (PS641)
Old Letter Writing (S4878) Starburst Lace (S5317) Tiny Ink Spots (S5637) Painted Canvas (S5782) Stazon Silver Ink Set (SJ254) Gold Shimmer Spray (WM116)
Silver Shimmer Spray (WM117)

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Kids Week Day 1 - iPhone Cases!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Hi everyone! It’s “Kids Week” here on the blog! Our CEO Aaron’s nieces came for a visit this past week, and were inspired to create with the stamps and other products available in the warehouse. We hope you enjoy their creations!

Hi! It’s Morgan and Lexi here! We’re on vacation with our aunt and uncle, Laura and Aaron, and decided to spend some of our time here at Hero Arts. We have stolen the blog for the week to share our adventures! Ha ha, good thing we are so CRAFTY!

Once we arrived at Hero Arts, we had a tour of the warehouse, meeting all of the workers. (We really wanted there to be donuts in the kitchen but no such luck!) Then, we took a look at all of the stamp supplies. There are so many more stamps than we had thought! It inspired us to begin our first new project: using stamps to decorate iPhone cases!

Picking out our favorite stamps, we began by tracing the phone cases and sketching out some ideas on scratch paper. We found this really helps because some colors looked better than others and if you make a mistake, you can just try again! We had countless ideas, inspired by all of the different types of stamps, from woodblock, to clear, to clings.


In the end, we settled on our designs and created two different iPhone cases. We’ll share the instructions for both. First, this flower design!


Find out how to create this iPhone case — click for complete supplies and instructions.

To make the first design, you will need a black phone case. We found ours on Amazon for an okay price - you may find them at dollar stores, or do a Google search.  There are lots out there for low prices! If you are using a soft case (silicone or rubber), like we did, cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of your phone and put it in the case. This makes the phone case stiff and flat, which allows the stamp to go on evenly. Once you have done that, ink your stamp and decide what part of the stamp you want to put on the iPhone case, if the entire stamp will not fit. We thought the Large Petal Background stamp would make a great design on the case! And we found that StazOn ink worked best.


Once you stamp it very carefully, it will dry within seconds. Unfortunately, we found out that once you put it on, it will not come off unless you use the StazOn Cleaner, which will remove it.

When we first did this, we noticed that it was really faded and had a vintage look. This was not our original idea but we really grew to love it! We also thought gems would go great with the design. We placed them around the sides and a single one in the middle. Finally, some Glossy Accents all over the case gave it a finished look. To make it not look as streaky, we misted on a tiny bit of water, then rubbed the glossy accents on with a sponge to finish it off. If you are having troubles putting the gems on, be patient. They come off easily but you should keep putting them back in place. Eventually, they will stay, especially once the Glossy Accents dry. And that is how you make the first design!


Find out how to make this iPhone case — click for complete supplies and instructions.

For the second design, we worked with the Rain Dance stencil rather than a stamp, and added lots of glitter!

Just like the first case, begin by putting cardboard in the phone case to make sure that it stays flat. Then, lay the stencil on the phone case, making sure that it is secure and will stay in one place. To hold the stencil very steady, you might need to grab a friend or a family member because it tends to shift a lot!

Put the Silver StazOn on a little more than half of the phone case. Then, put the Platinum StazOn on the other half of the case, but overlapping with the silver a little bit. This gives it the “ombre” sort of look that we were going for. We used a sponge, but you can also use a sponge dauber to apply to ink.


Then, coat with Glossy Accents and put glitter all over the design. Just as a warning, the glitter gets EVERYWHERE so put down some newspaper or do this part outside. Also, the glitter likes to clump in places.  To avoid this, put a little in your hands first, and then rub them together over the case.

And, there you have it! Two awesome designs and many ideas that you can do on your own. Thanks and we will see you tomorrow!


Large Petal Background (CG638) Neutral Mixed Accents (CH215) GLOSSY ACCENTS (GW221) Sponge Dauber With Cap (MI002) StazOn Stamp Cleaner (NK201) Ultra Fine Prisma Glitter (PG104)
Rain Dance Stencil (SA022) StazOn Cotton White Ink Set (SJ250) Stazon Platinum Ink Set (SJ251) Stazon Silver Ink Set (SJ254) Water Mist Bottle (WM101)

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Organization Ideas: Kelly’s Craft Room Part 1

Friday, July 18th, 2014

organization ideas header

Hey there! Today I’m excited to start a new mini series on the blog about organization ideas. I love getting peeks into other craft rooms, so I thought I’d share mine with all of you.

Now, I am going to start off by saying that my room won’t be gracing the pages of a magazine anytime soon, but I’ve found a system that works great for me and I hope you enjoy the tour. It’s still a work in progress and probably will be for a long time. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect stool and some artwork for the walls.

About a year and a half ago I finally ditched all my mismatched college furniture and upgraded to some Martha Stewart Craft Space furniture. And I totally love it! Below is a view of the main wall of my room with two drawer units on the outside and my desk in the middle. These three pieces fit into to that space with only an inch to spare on each side — so I think it was meant to be! ;)

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 1

I’m going to break up the tour into several posts, so today I’m going to give you a closer look at the middle desk area and what I have close by when I’m crafting.

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 2

I work best when things are clean and put away, so everything in my room has a “home” and in between projects I try really hard to always put things away. Lots of things are in drawers and baskets, but I’ve found it easiest to keep some essentials out on my desk at all times.

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 3

The long white container along the right side is my trash bin. This really helps in keeping my area tidy while I craft. All those little scraps of paper and foam adhesive backing can create a lot of clutter, so having somewhere close by to put them is great.

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 5

This square container holds my tweezers, craft knife, bone folder, embossing powder tool and some of my most used adhesives. And the jar holds my most used pens and pencils.

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 4

This white caddy is the one organization tool that I have had for many many years and can’t imagine my desk without it. It holds paintbrushes, water brushes, stamp cleaners, water bottles, scissors, foam adhesive, my Corner Chompers and a few other small tools.

Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 6

My work desk has two thin drawers. The right drawer (shown above) holds rulers, white and clear embossing powders, baby wipes, scratch paper and acrylic blocks. I use things from this drawer with every card I make and it is so handy to have them right in front of me.

 Kelly Rasmussen Craft Room 7

The left drawer holds all my markers, colored pencils and watercolors. These drawers are very shallow, which allows me to easily see what I have.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my room. I’ll be back with several more posts on how I store my stamps, inks, dies, paper and embellishments! In the meantime, I would love to see a peek into your room. If you want to share your room or pictures of any organization ideas you have, upload them to the Hero Arts Flickr Group and tag your photos with “organizationideas“. Maybe I’ll feature ideas from some of you in an upcoming blog post!

Thanks for stopping by!


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