Let’s give silver some love!

Hey all! Lisa here. So if you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been on a real gold kick lately. In fact, I’ve used up an entire bottle of Gold Spray. (No way, you say?  Well, I can’t believe it myself. And actually it’s more like two bottles since I got a prototype and it’s almost gone too. Oh yes.)

But today I thought I’d give SILVER some love! :)

After all, it goes great with clouds. Like this Hero Arts storm cloud digital cut file for the Silhouette!

rain cloud Hero Arts-Silhouette digital cut file

I used it to make a journal page — just love this quote so much. It’s so true! And it has extra meaning for me right now. Plus it rained and I actually did do a little dance in it!

Dance in the Rain

I started out by cutting out the cloud from white cardstock. Then I trimmed some BasicGrey paper to 6×8. I’m planning to put this journal page in my pocket page scrapbook — I really like playing around with art journaling this way since I don’t have to worry about messing up an actual journal.

Cut it out! :)

Next I grabbed my silver spray and misted the heck out of the paper, putting more at the top of the page. It’s so pretty and shimmery in real life — but so hard to capture in a photo. Darn spray.

I traced the cloud shape on the paper and again on a scrap, then cut it out to make a mask to protect the area where the cloud would go. Then I grabbed some gesso and went to town with the Rain Dance stencil — I thought that was appropriate! :)

Add gesso.

Here’s a little tip to make cleaning your stencil easier: as soon as you’re finished applying gesso, carefully remove the stencil and rinse it off. Or for a a cool looking grungy arty looking stencil let the gesso dry on there. Ha!

After the gesso dried I colored some of the raindrops with neon pink, orange and yellow daubers. This is the only way that I know to get *neon* watercolors. (Note that if you try to do this with neon inks or a reinker you’ll destroy your brush as it will get all gummy from the resin in the ink.) I just tapped some color out on an acrylic block to form a palette like so:


Then I picked up the color and painted away. After it was dry I traced the cloud outline I had made with a charcoal dauber — this really makes the die cut pop!

In progress.

Can you tell it was dark and rainy outside in this photo? The neon still has a kind of a glow, though! Here’s a closeup so you can see it better:


To finish off the piece, I stamped “starting today” from the New Ideas set, then stamped the date underneath.

Starting today.

And that was that! Here’s a look back at the finished page:

Dance in the Rain by Lisa Spangler

Find out how to make this project — click for complete supplies and instructions.

Thanks so much for joining me, and hope you have a great day! With a little rain dance. :)


Neon Pink Ink Dauber (AD001) Neon Orange Ink Dauber (AD002) Neon Yellow Ink Dauber (AD003) Charcoal Ink Dauber (AD018) Black Ink Pad (AF101) New Ideas (CL747)
Rain Dance Stencil (SA022) Gold Shimmer Spray (WM116) Silver Shimmer Spray (WM117)

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13 Responses to “Let’s give silver some love!”

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  1. 4

    Virginia L. said:

    LOVE your project, Lisa! What a great way to use the stencil and paste!! Love the colors, too!

  2. 5

    Cindy C. said:

    Wow love the colourful rain you created with that pretty stencil!!

  3. 6

    barbara lassiter said:

    Love that sentiment! It’s a great philosophy to live by. Your card is adorable and thanks for all the tips about the ink, etc. I haven’t created an “arty, cool stencil” yet, but as soon as I forget to clean one, I’ll know what it is! :) Thanks Lisa.

  4. 7

    Michelle Liimatainen said:

    Too funny…I am using the exact same technique and stencil for a quote about rain in my Art journal right now. I started it last night. I am waiting for the paste to dry. :) I absolutely LOVE this quote and almost used it for this page but I am saving it for another page. You did a phenomenal job on this Lisa!!!

  5. 8

    CC said:

    I found the information about it not being a good idea to use neon reinkers to “paint” with quite interesting and helpful! Would it be possible to go into more detail about how the daubers are different from regular inks? I had no idea about this so I would be very interested to learn more. I thought the daubers were just the same “ink” as reinkers and it was just another way of applying it from the bottles with the dauber tops. Would it be possible to do a future blog post about all this. Now I’m thinking of lots of questions… such as… since the neon reinkers were mentioned here I’m wondering about the non-neon reinkers. I thought people used reinkers as watercolors all the time! I never hear them talking about ruining their brushes because of resin in the ink. Hope you can tell us more and end my confusion. Thanks!!!

  6. 9

    Heather Doran said:

    Wonderful page, Lisa! I love the colourful and fun rain you created - it goes perfectly with that wise sentiment! Thanks for the great tutorial:)

  7. 10

    lisa said:

    Hi CC,

    I just saw your comment about neon reinkers vs daubers on the blog.

    I don’t have all the “technical” details but I’ll try to explain it here. And you are right, it would make a great blog post for the future! :)
    Anyhow, daubers are a completely different formula than the reinkers/ink pads. All daubers are water-based, so when you add water the pigment will blend — just like watercolors!

    The neon inks, as well as some of the dye inks like especially black (don’t know about every color!) have resin in them to make them permanent. If you try to use them as a watercolor the resin will stick to your brush bristles and gum them all up. It doesn’t clean up with soap and water (believe me, I’ve tried)! There may be some cleaner out there that will work but I haven’t found it yet!

    So I did a happy dance when I found out that we could watercolor with daubers! :)
    A good test to see if a reinker that you are interested in using as watercolor will work might be to put a drop of reinker on a non-stick craft sheet or wax paper so you can just throw it away at the end, give it a really good mist it with water, and stir it with a toothpick — kind of spread it out so it’s not all one puddle. Let it sit for 10-15 mins to see if it stays mixed up. If it starts separating out then I wouldn’t use it for watercolors as it will ruin your brush.

    Hope that helps! :)

  8. 11

    Linda W. said:

    Fun project with the stencil coming out of that wonderful cloud, Lisa!

  9. 12

    Mary-Anne V. said:

    Awesome…love the sentiment and the neon rain.

  10. 13

    paperpicnic said:

    Lisa, I love this beautiful journal page and I really enjoyed reading about your creative process! I love the modern design, looks like it should be framed! :) Thanks for sharing!

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