Five Ways to Use Daubers!

Hello! It’s Lisa here today with FIVE ways to use daubers!

Five Ways to Use Daubers by Lisa Spangler for Hero Arts

I’ll be sharing the five ways plus tips and tricks too, while I walk you through how I made this card for our sales manager, Kimberly! She recently had a sweet baby girl and I knew right away I wanted to send her a card using the A Star is Born stamp from the Starry Nights catalog.

A Star is Born by Lisa Spangler for Hero Arts

I ended up making a star shaped card  using the coordinating Stylish Stars Frame Cuts — more on that too! So let’s get started.

#1: “Ink” Your Stamps with Daubers

We’ve had some questions come in about this lately so I thought I’d share my tips and tricks. The best stamps for inking with daubers are those that will still look good if they don’t come out exactly perfect. Stamps that don’t have too much of a solid area work the best.

For example, I wouldn’t expect the solid Reverse Constellation Background stamp to work very well. On the other hand, the outline Constellation Background would work fine.

ink a stamp with daubers

Today I’m using the Big Star stamp. It’s perfect for this technique since the lines are not precise. I just swiped ultra pink and pastel pink daubers lightly across the star, following the lines. One other tip — just run your dauber over the stamp without squeezing the side of the bottle or pressing it on the stamp too hard. Otherwise you’ll get extra ink and your image will come out blurry. Sometimes that is cool, too tho!

I overlapped the colors to add a little interest. Don’t worry if your dauber tip picks up other colors — just swipe it on scratch paper to clean it off. More on that later. :)

Another tip is that you do NOT want to mist the stamp with water if you want to keep details in your image.


Here’s a comparison between the Big Star stamped with ultra pink vs using ultra pink and pastel pink daubers. As you can see, the version using ink has much finer details. But I like the variations in color that combining the daubers gives!

#2: Coordinating Paper

Remember how I said above that if you get one color of dauber on another tip you can just swipe it on scrap paper to clean it? Well, you can also do the same trick to make paper to match your project!


For today’s card I swiped my daubers along the edges of a die cut star to make them the same shade of pink as my stamped star. But then I decided to use pool paper instead — to give the card a little more pop! :)

#3: Custom Colors of Twine or Ribbon

As soon as I saw this stamp I thought it looked like the lines were yarn or twine! It was begging to have twine wrapped around it, too. So for this card I just had to make some custom colored twine. :)


I just tapped the pastel pink and ultra pink daubers on a craft sheet, then misted it with water and rolled the twine through it. Cotton and silk work best for this technique. I was going to try it with yarn, but I only had acrylic yarn on hand and the color doesn’t sink in to that. I bet wool yarn would work great, tho!

After the twine was dry I wrapped it around the star like so:


I taped the ends to the back to secure them in place. Then I cut a pool star using the largest star die cut, stamped it with the Constellation Background in tide pool ink, and popped the wrapped twine star on with foam dots.


Next, I cut another star with the largest star from white cardstock and scored it about as shown here. Then I adhered it to the front of the card, making sure to only put adhesive above the score line. And this brings me to tip #4…

#4: Use as Watercolor

Since daubers are water based they can be used as watercolor! Love doing this. Just tap some color out on a non-porous surface such as a craft sheet or acrylic block, give it a misting of water, then pick up the color with a damp brush or water brush.


Here I colored the insides of the letters with ultra pink mixed with pastel pink and tide pool. I think it adds just that extra “little something”. Speaking of little somethings…

#5: Customize Wood Embellishments

It’s super easy to color wood with daubers, too! Just swipe on the color and let dry.


Now for a look back at the finished card!

A Star is Born by Lisa Spangler for Hero Arts

Find out how to make this card — click for complete supplies and instructions.

Thanks so much for joining me today! If you have any questions about daubers please ask away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Hope this post helped to show how versatile daubers can be, and hope you have a great week! xo


Tide Pool Ink Dauber (AD010) Ultra Pink Dauber (AD025) Pastel Pink Dauber (AD026) Black Ink Pad (AF101) Tide Pool (AF223) A Star is Born (C5929)
Small Accent Pearls (CH136) Pool Mixed Accents (CH283) Stylish Stars (DI095) Big Star (K5931) Snow Layering Paper (PS610) Pool Mixed Folded Cards (PS639)
Constellation Background (S5922) Reverse Constellation Background (S5923)

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  1. 17

    paperpicnic said:

    Wow, Lisa! Five techniques in one beautiful card! You’ve convinced me that it’s time to invest in some more daubers! Thanks for sharing each of these creative ideas! I think your card is awesome, love it!

  2. 18

    conil said:

    Lisa’s tutorial is fabulous…just like her baby card. So lovely.

  3. 19

    Shirley said:

    Love the card Lisa. Absolutely darling! Thanks for some new techniques too!

  4. 20

    Barbara-Jean said:

    You never cease to amaze me, Lisa! What great ideas here!

  5. 21

    Betty M said:

    Great ideas for using daubers. This is something that I really have not tried, but you have inspired me to give it a go!

  6. 22

    Arlene said:

    I love this, so cute and artistic.

  7. 23

    Karen L K said:

    Fun! Thanks for showing all those different things and on one card!

  8. 24

    Judie said:

    So original, amd so adorable. I love this Star card, to pieces!

  9. 25

    Small T said:

    This is such a nice card! I love the color combo! :-)

  10. 26

    maria langston said:

    beautiful and thanks for the pics which show us how to do it

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